Wild rift - double jungle

why don’t people want me to double jungle ? is there actually a valid reason for this ?

you get more gold over all if one jungle farms our side and one farms the other side while enemy jungle starves to death. far greater stage control is created this way as all laners can always have someone to come back them up immediately in a fight.

is there some huge issue i am missing or should i just ignore these angry children ?

There are a lot of reasons why it’s not a valid approach to win games (I am main jungler diamond II). I think there is enough info on the web about it already - just search for it as I can’t make lengthy posts right now.

There was a time in PC league back in the days and also for short period of time mirrored in WR around Jan-Feb this year - top laner to take smite, i.e. double smite strategy for securing objectives faster. Not that effective tho and was dropped.

Just play the role you are assigned for (when/if you reached draft ranked) or try to secure to be the single JG if it doesn’t work practice all other roles as it will benefit you later in the game when there is role preference selection and you will get JG 99% of the time if you want that role, knowing how to actually play the other roles will help you a lot.

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so ignore you because you do not know what you are talking about clearly

Out of curiosity, what rank are you?

i am unranked. i was top 1% in the world in paragon as khaimera though so i would say i have a fairly strong understanding of what things do in the game.

In Paragon, perhaps. Wild Rift is much like League, however, and “double jungle” is not a thing at any competitive level in League.

I find it interesting that as a top tier player in Paragon you’ve not challenged League’s high level players in ranked.

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khaimera was infamously low tier actually. considered by all to be the smash bros melee kirby of paragon.

maybe they just aren’t good enough at it to use the method. logically speaking it makes perfect sense because in order to do anything about it they have to lose gold chasing me so as long as i don’t die and keep getting farm the entire team gets an advantage. that being said it is most certainly the most high skill and most knowledge required way to play as it is extremely high risk extremely high reward.

i don’t play league the controls are terrible wild rift has better controls than all other currently available mobas if it didn’t have such good controls i would not play it.

also you are wrong someone posted an article on reddit about a double jungle mid funnel yi being a grandmaster on league just yesterday