Wild Rift Coming to Americas in March

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Yeah, they mentioned it in the live stream 2 hours ago (watch the replay, it’s worth it).

Yup, that Twitter thread is basically them live-tweeting the stream.

With the way things went with vainglory, it makes sense that the americas launch would be delayed, whether it was intentional or not. I’d assume that the americas became the most critiquing market for vainglory out of all of the different regions.

That said, took long enough.

The game is ready and got plenty of features. As you said - took long enough to the point that they really polished t he rough edges by now.

Nice to hear are two things - more than 5 heroes will release this month (among them Katarina!) and that they will release about 2 heroes per month. This will really expand the hero pool quickly + it’s not bad even now, you got something to love for every position and gameplay style.