Why turrets in 5v5 are horrid

One of the many things I resent in 5v5 are turrets. They are far from balanced.

  • Turret aggro used to have a delay of roughly 0.4 seconds, imo. Now, there is no delay. Cross its range 0.000001 meters and boom instant damage.

  • Turret heat is a god awful idea. 2 stacks of massive damage.

  • At the same time, Having lots of hp makes turrets useless, because they won’t increase damage over time (2 stacks max) This unfairly makes tanks ungodly.

What am I getting at?

Turrets are incredibly overpowered towards squishies. I have gotten more kills from assistance from turret than my own allies. At the same time, having more hp makes turrets incredibly under powered. 2 stacks makes it very easy for tanks to come out taken very little damage compared to standing in range over time.

Nobody wins with this change. I honestly can’t imagine who would want this at all.

Also their targeting to minions is horrible, and with the damage changes the interactions if minions changed too, making farming more difficult in the early.

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I think its good. Now those stupid dives wont come at me and ignore turret damage

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I rather have them overpowered than completely useless like the old turrets


Wuuut. Turrets are still under powered. They do little to nothing late game against even a duo comp, which shouldn’t be as the two available serious ranked game modes are 3v3 & 5v5.

Turrets are honestly weak if you ask me, it’s easier for me to dive now. The turret will switch targets now making it easier to dive and if you don’t ever attack the enemy the turret will not do anything about you, it’ll just go to attacking minions. So if only one teammate initiates and you don’t see you guys picking up the kill just keep going at the turret. At least before when one person dived that ment all of your team had to stay out of the turret’s range and let it reset.

Along with the new damage pattern to minions farming is literally impossible for some characters. It just makes bottom lane so much stronger. Before you could punish the enemy top by taking their jungle and such now you’re taking their jungle and their lane farm. It didn’t help the meta at all. I think just increasing the range on the old turrets would’ve been better, at least enemies wouldn’t be able to harass you or not as easily harass you when you’re under turret.

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Well, I can understand why you’re frustrated. You’re playing a squishy hero, you want to finish off a low health enemy, but they’re behind the turret. Conclusion: you can’t.

Thing is, this is how the game should be. You’re just used to how it was, where turrets did no damage. In my opinion (let’s just clarify that this is my opinion) the game is boring that way. Turret dives are meant to be risky, and meant to be executed skillfully to be successful. The way it was, it was effectively just another minion, nothing major to worry about. I could dive straight through three turrets without much trouble to get a kill. That is not balanced.

Although tbf, I wouldn’t mind having the first shot delay back.

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