Why the matchmaker algorithm is just terrible

Context here, Hundor and Tetno are in duo queue here and both have Vg gold mmrs, as you can see Bruto and ThejoKeR are also in queue and both have 2750ish mmrs.

Turns out bruto and joker were not the only 2 vg silvers in queue at that time, there was a total of 8 vg silver players in queue (foskies and inferno were vg silver last season).

So 8 vg silvers and 2 vg golds in queue and matchmaker decides to put the 8 silvers with 2 vg bronzes and the 2 vg golds with 8 poas ? Here is why the matchmaking issues are not always caused by a lack of players in queue but by the algorithm itself. The algorithm is just bad and it has been for the past 9 months.

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Is it because of the duo and trio players ? I think semc can’t balance that ? It’s elo and teamwork probably hard to balance for them .