Why team petal has the most power and can easily win the event if we work together

I made a poll before the event with currently 3.9k voters. 60% picked team kestrel, 12% ringo, 8% petal, and 21% blackfeather. Team kestrel, the most hyped team, has the most players and team petal has the least players.

Thats where team petal has the advantage. The score is based on the total turrets taken divided by the total number or players. The lower the total players, the more a single player can boost the average for every turret taken. Compared to team kestrel, every turret taken by team petal is worth 7.5 times more.

On team petal, your turrets taken matters THE MOST, so start grinding my fellow patetoes. Party up with other players on the same team if you can, that makes an even bigger impact. Heck, get 2 teams and snipe each other if you have friends. Im gonna leave my BR tier list here:

My Baptiste, Saw and Skye is insta win. Also Adagio should be easy win.

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Baron is insta with his legendary 3 ults destroy turrets


SAW CP max A Ult Talent 2 or 3. Build 2 SG AS CW. Instawin

Baptiste is the only hero I managed to pull off a BR win with zero deaths… Adagio I’ve seen do it, but it wasn’t me playing.

Skaarf and Celeste I can win with 1 death… yet to pull off a zero death win…

SEA team petal speak to me ;-;

Baptiste was instawin tier before 3.0. But now that his B is bugged and the circle forms after your target dashes, he lost a lot of his strength as he can no longer stop heroes like grumpjaw rare or ardan epic from using their skills. Now hes just a weaker skaarf who can defend against dive heroes better. Instawin tier heroes = strong on their own, hard to counter, unfairly strong, can win the game under 5 mins.


petal ez win

btw how lorelai is ez win? i can’t really use her

i’m in team petalbae but 60% of the time i get a support or the same 5 heroes that i rarely play… it’s a curse

Let’s do this #TeamPetal!


did you make that?
30 c h a r a c t e r s

I did! I keep forgetting to watermark my stuff, but oh well. Go Team Petal!