Why off-topic section isnt publicly opened?

I’m sure we can increase forum traffic by having nice discussion here

bc we can’t have non-members stealing our pt and @BORB memes


Cause otherwise it would pop in the ‘lastest posts’ section, and some people don’t care about OT. Same goes for the Broken pipe.
And I suppose it helps un-cluttering the home page when you’re not in the OT group.


More like gamers be like haha yes


Wait Gamers joining a game forum don’t want to see what changes are happening/ might happen to prepare. I don’t understand

Some don’t like seeing leaks and prefer being surprised by official reveals rather than having the surprise spoiled.

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Those are also the people who play a game and never read up on it, or join a game community.

Offtopic isn’t public because the mods dislike those who post in it because antifun

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Some people don’t want to know about some changes until they are officially announced/released. Think of it as spoilers for your favorite TV shows.
I do enjoy reading leaks myself as well, though, so I can see where you come from.