Why not delete Talents from the game completely?

Talents have ruined brawl and we all know it. I wanna hear your opinion on it.

There’s really no way to argue anything else – Talents were intended to completely break the game’s balance, ruining any realistic chance for balanced matches.

That said, CaptainNeato has unequivocally stated that Talents are here to stay, and he has also rejected the idea of separate, non-Talent queues for Blitz and BR (which would make it possible for the large number of players who hate Talents to enjoy brawls again).

I simply don’t understand the leadership of this company.


I honestly don’t understand why they added levels to talents. They could’ve made it that if you got a talent coin you had to “unlock” it with glory or something so they get their $$.

And it’s disgusting how much they’re marketed despite being only usable in Vainglory’s equivalent of minigames. Half of the deals in the market are GET ALL OF X’S TALENTS NOW or a bunch of talent chests I seriously hope no one opens. Then there’s the green border and talent icon on the hero screen when you have talents for a hero. As someone who’s something of a perfectionist and slightly OCD, I detest seeing that.

Another thing, when a new player opens the game they see the talents and think they’re like the AoV p2w arcana thing and immediately assume they are usable in 3v3 and 5v5 as well, which leads to them buying talents, which leads to… Wait that’s actually really low -.-

Unfortunately it’s pretty clear talents aren’t going anywhere, plenty of people have invested a lot in talents for some reason and some misguided fools may have opened the talent chests as well. A full glory refund won’t cut it even if they do decide to remove them :confused:


I dont use talents, I dont like them but there are many who do. Dont look at brawl with the same lens as you see something like 5v5. Its a different game mode and a lot of people have fun playing it . Its pointless to argue on such a topic that already has the answer set in stone: Talents arent going anywhere. If you want to enjoy brawl, private party with friends and do no talent blitz or level up talents and enjoy wrecking people. Its that simple (Or do what I do and go talentless every match)


intended is completely correct. Increase the skill gap between Pro, semi pro, casuals, etc.

it is their way of not allowing all players a way to hone their mechanical skills via brawl modes, all the while knowing that the casual player - usually short on time, is also loaded with $$$ wants to get an advantage via talents in order to win and get their win fix / satisfaction.

Completely intended as a revenue generating scheme. I came into the game just months before talents was revealed. My first impressions was, a game with no ads? a leveling system that’s easy to earn all skins and heroes ? How are they even still alive? was my initial thoughts, then talents arrived, and i was like. Yup, makes sense.

I feel like VG players need to explore truely P2W games to really appreciate just how easy VG is.


cause people spent money on them


Gotta appeal to those whales.

I guess they need to play everquest 2

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Ome word : money.

does anyone remember the initial prices per level of each talent? it was something like 1000 glory to get to lvl 2

3000, 5000, etc. if that doesn’t indicate money grabbing, i don’t know what does.


im pretty sure its because they’re in too deep and getting out of the mud called “unbalanced shit” will cause a bigger mess

but they should really do something about its marketing bc everything is a talent deal now

I just got this crazy idea why not just buff everyone from 50-1000% all randomly and introduce talents everywhere and make them ice only to buy and upgrade

I took the apostrophe out of the title so it read “talents “ and not “talents is”. :heart:

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Best post in this thread congratulations

It’s just a quick fun game mode anyway

I think they should make them more expensive and powerful (compared to level 1) but with only one level. For example, Legendary talents would have 1 level that would be like level 3 of the current L talents. Epics would be like lv 5 and rares 8-10.

Oh shit, I forgot about that. I was trying to remember what that massive Glory refund was the other day too…

There are levels so they can sell more chests and glory. They won’t remove them because of $$$ not the players investing. A lot buy lovebites bf skin for rosetrails effect… now gone. Quick example is that.