Why Me? Really

Me again. Am I doing something wrong? It doesn’t matter what role, what build … Nothing. My teams continue to have no sense for this game, are outmatched, and mechanically poor. Here is an example:

What is Ringo doing? Kensei wasn’t much better? Yet I have the lowest elo!? I was easily the best player and keeping us in the game. Stole a blackclaw and a ghostwing. I swear the MM is bugged for me. I am NOT getting my MMR at all! It’s really weighing me down…

EDIT: I was also top lane and out-dueled a Skye (who I feel counters Joule pretty well) and took the turret while keeping ours up… All for nothing. Lol. Alas - I shall not give up! I will climb back to glorious stature!

I truly feel that if you aren’t able to sweat out 15-20 games within the first two weeks of a season reset, your MMR abandons you. disclaimer: I obviously have no proof of this. This is the salt mine

I worked hard today. Clawed out a few victories. Just ridiculously poor quality of play. I can’t blame my usual duo/trio partners (which I rarely do any ways), as they don’t want to risk a deep drop playing with me. It just sucks that the only reason they got to VG silver/bronze so fast was they went right to work at the season reset while poor Veritas was working 14 hours a day and knowing that his dreaded moment of playing with vastly inferior opponents was coming soon.


In other news! I think I’ll finally be able to sell my car and my condo I’ve been renting out. I’ll be getting quite a bit of cash soon! Hooray!
Veritas IRL: 1 - VG: 0

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The quality of matches I’ve been getting lately (ARAM exclusively since Monday) has been pretty terrible. With the API still broken, there’s no way to see the VSTs of anyone, but the in-game skill levels of some of these people … yikes.

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SC kensei, that hurts. I’ve seen a downfall in terms of quality in the matches too.


As main Kensei (and Lance), that Kensei build makes me want to kill myself… How a VG player could ever build that?

This guy was 2500~ at the time and yes these are his actual builds not items he bought as the game ended.


:man_facepalming: this is just… Depressing…



What … even … ?

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This all is a reflection, I feel, of the season reset. VST drops are too low. The elo drop for losing is too miniscule. Someone like that reaches 2500? I do believe that things will sort themselves out like last season.

At the start of a season you see many unfamiliar names in your region’s top 100. By the end, the pretenders fade, and the OGs come back. The first half of seasons are just abysmal.

I’m not making this up right? But didn’t you have the potential to lose 5-25 elo in match depending on the challenge of your opponents/quality of your teammates? The same for winning a match? I also felt the quality of games were far superior when the system reflected that…

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