Why i can't buy Ice from Vainglory?

I am having a problem with buying ice on Vainglory, when i presss the button to buy Ice and nothing happen, just “waiting” on the screen and was taking too long and nothing happens.

My device is Xiami Redmi Note 3
My operating system is Android
IGN : DarkHorseLORD Server : SEA

Sometimes this has to do with parental controls being switched on your account - have you been able to buy ice in the past?

Are you rooted and have something like lucky patcher enabled? That could interfere with purchasing.

TLDR: Restart › Check Boards › Reinstall › Support

First, restart Vainglory. This resets the apps store. If this falls…

Second, take a look around on boards . Is this incident just yours, or is the store down. I have had times where I couldn’t access all the tabs in the store. If this is it, give it time.

Third, uninstall and reinstall Vainglory. It is very important to note your email associated with the game, as well as the password. If you cannot remember the password, request a forgotten password BEFORE deletion. Once reinstalled, the game will open its eSports movie. Don’t click anything it tells you to click and click the login/have an account button. Login with that username and password. The tutorial has now been skipped. At the main menu, click the store and try to buy Ice. If it fails once more…

Lastly, open a support ticket. The team is very good at getting back to you within at least 48 hours. You should be able to get more help there.

A random note but also make sure your time and date settings are correct and automatic in your phone. If your time and date are incorrect you can’t do most actions that require some layer of security.

No…i able to buy Ice in the past but now i can’t and no problem with my Parental Controls, this error happe when i updated Vaiglory 5 vs 5…-_-

Im not rooted and i dont have such like Lucky patcher enabled…thx Bro btw