Why hasn’t a 2-1-2 meta emerged?

I don’t understand why a 2-1-2 meta hasn’t developed. With the Top lane having a disadvantage, I do t know why Captains don’t spend significant time in the top lane to ensure the Top is able to take its healer. I understand the importance of getting your late game mid CP carry fed. What I don’t understand is why Captains are not at least timing rotations based on the Top healer. Thoughts?


River. Caps want to stay in the middle so they can rotate quickly if they need to.Why Jungle prefers to go bot then top I don’t understand, but that’s just the way it’s turned out.

bot jungle has more resources

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Cause you’re leaving mid 1v2 allowing the enemy team to control both blue side jungles

That could be fixed with a little vision, though. Contesting your own blue buff 1vs2 is doable. At least you don’t lose anything by trying, as you barely have to step out of lane, and can retreat under turret immediately.
The top heal camp is just lost if you come under pressure there.

It heavily depends on the hero you are but you risk dying and the risk isn’t small. If you’re Samuel for example you can waste your B to have a somewhat safe attempt to steal your own buff but again it’s still not totally safe and you waste CD. And mid lane is usually the most important lane and position in general especially late. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying others are worthless or don’t contribute but mid is the hardest carry and needs to be fed. It’s much more beneficial for the team to support mid and let top suffer

Nope contesting a cp buff 1v2 shouldn’t be doable, they drag the buff to the river, the enemy captain zones you out and the enemy mid laner secures it and contesting it in that scenario will always get you killed which isn’t worth it even if you do last hit it over them. Not saying captain should always jerk off in mid 24/7 but you can’t just stay in top either because all you will be doing is relieving some pressure but you’re not really accomplishing anything up there. You gotta be there when both blue side jungles spawn to contest and win the lane that matters.

Because Top can rotate too. When jungler and carry decide to rotate to your sides CP buff place a trinket at their bush and keep walking to their red buff. If they are smart and have vision then just keep walking to relieve pressure if they still try to take it then take their red buff and gold treant (maybe). Red buff is worth so much early game and allows for a lot of harass. Once you assert enough dominance you get to keep your healer and even take theirs.

Would pushing back the spawn time of the healing treants by 5-10 second fix the Top lane issues? It should give time to contest the CP buff and rotate to top to contest the healer. If you keep the overall timer the same and just push back the spawn rates, future healers are still contested while to top doesn’t just lose the first healer 2v1 every time.

Exactly how I rotate as a captain early, especially when I pick Lorelai and go Boots+CP bit. Always successfully shoo shoo their bot and jungler to take their red not our CP buff + healer WHILE my jungler and bot laner and mid laner take their CP buff and double camp. Camping mid is worthless because it’s the safest lane anyway

Getting your mid lane fed not only means that you have some big boy rotations from your Celeste which can help both top and bot lane, but you can also take the most important turret in the game, 1st mid turret. Considering that Mid is where Blackclaw goes, it makes sense to make sure they don’t get any turrets there.

No way you’ve got the DMG to do what your suggesting early game. If nothing else they’ll see you walk through the minions (because you can clear them quick enough assuming they’ve cleared there’s properly). Then to clear there jungle on your own won’t happen.

Because top lane is only losing because of the current meta.

The reason top lane is left alone is because there is the least value there, the nearby jungle layout means the only thing of value is the healing camp. If the enemy were to use the current meta, vs you playing 2-1-2, they would have the advantage as it’s muhc more efficient to push bot with a jungler, and have the captain stay in mid to rotate.

Meta isn’t random, people didn’t decide “this is meta” and then it was. It’s the most optimal way to play the game people have figured out so far.

If you are a CP mage obviously don’t do what I said because you won’t benefit from it and will lose a lot of health. If you are a melee hero who can CS properly in lane (kill minions in 3-4 shots excluding thicc one) you should give it a try. You’re giving the enemies too much credit and making the top lane seem likes its crippled, it honestly isn’t. Don’t clear healer. 100% clear red buff and on the off chance they are taking your back minions or have very slow clear on your healer take their gold oak.

I agree with this. I think a timers adjustment can help with the healing camp, but the Big Bears location may be a more difficult issue. I also think the lane minions could provide a little more experience with a slightly worse experience split. This would let a Top laner keep up on experience even if at a gold deficit.

Do you play top lane at all? You can’t compete for the first wave clear, bu the time you’ve cleared it they’ve taken your healer and are on there way back. No way your clearing lane, clearing their jungle just ain’t happening.

Late game maybe, but that’s a massive risk when you’ve probably got zero vision etc.

Yeah I do play top lane, half the time I play 5v5. I main side lanes. You have to try what I said before saying that it is impossible, because it is.

Yeah okay I’ll give it a try and report back…