Why CP Lyra may make a splash this update :3

As many people may have already known, CP Lyra received some special attention from the pros last update, resulting into a nerf in her Sigil damage. CP Lyra with Shatterglass, Spellfire, Clockwork, and Broken Myth was doing crazy damage that has one of the highest radius for an AOE ability. Chunking off 500-600 damage from one sigil is not fun at all. She had the capability of 1v1ing a Celeste with the right stutterstepping and moves. With her ratio nerf, that build path will be slightly less effective, though it can still be viable due to high base damages.

Moving onto the main point, at first glance, it seems like SEMC are trying to destroy CP Lyra (since when was Lyra known for her burst?). However, what Semc are trying to do is to bring back her Attack Speed build based on AC. According to the path notes, her empowered attack Crsytal Ratio is higher by 10 percent. Now that does not seem much but let’s look carefully at the DPS change.

Let’say Lyra bought a shatterglass and an alternating current as her first 2 tier 3 items and that she is level 12. This means that last update she did:
in 6 basic attacks = 95+175+95+175+95+175+136+136+136+157+157+157+157+157+157= 2160 damage

This update though=1218+(157 x 3) +(178x3)=2223

This may not seem much at all but don’t forget that Lyra usually builds Dragon’s Eye so the damage difference will be greater still.

Her AC build may become very viable in the mid lane and she might see more pro play.

Thank’s for reading!


Yes and no, it was a nerf overall: not in her damage but in her range, having to basic attack puts her in a difficult situation against other mages as they will outrange her.


Dragon eye need a lot of time to “warm up” and start to deal more dmg then more time to compensate the lower dmg vs SG from the fight start. Lyra is nerfed as her A was abused as f for attack dealing massive dmg from a safe distance + really make the enemy players try to avoid stepping on it = controlling the flow of the battle. Now that is nerfed to a more normal degree + her AA gets a little buff… but her AA was not the abused part of her kit.

She is primary build as a glass cannon because of her B and C = easy to escape if sh*t hits the fan. This is the thing that SEMC tries to tone down and make her play a more risky for dmg dealing + nerf the dmg potential.

tl:dr the patch kills some toxic builds like that CP lyra + CP hybrid idris. Overall from a balance stand point a good patch. I am only concerned about the massive lance buff + reza massive buff.


Remember the buff is to her second empowered attack, you can’t stutterstep this, as you need to remain still to land it making AC less impactful (your not trading with Ringo etc).

They’ve certainly nerfed her, though I still feel she is viable and here’s why. Her A/B are huge area of effect abilites which means you can apply mortal wounds to multiple targets. Sure you’ll be doing less DMG but who else in the game can apply mortal wounds to an entire team using a B ability? There aren’t many… these abilites when chained can easy clear an entire minion wave allowing for very effiecent late game farming / split pushing.

She wasn’t OP so not entirely sure why they nerfed her CO build.

Agree. It’s a nerf and she deserved it. Instantly blowing up people in a long-range, large AOE was stupid. It procs the explosion faster then Celeste’s Heliogenesis.


I’m probably wrong about this but didn’t Lyra on release have 90% crystal ratio on her heavy attack? This is just 10% away, won’t that make her close to her broken status?

No, BB is not the same, the heal is not the same and her early is faaar worse with only 5.6 base range.

10% is a large difference not to mention they are balancing for 5v5 not much for 3v3. Something op in 3v3 can be underwelming in 5v5