Why blitz mode queue really short compare to other modes?

If people hate talents why so much players play blitz and have short queue compare to ther modes?
Really weird

Because it’s very fast and it’s rare to have a moment when there aren’t 6 players queueing, there are players entering the queue constantly. Also, it has its playerbase, and even in some people don’t like talents they still play it.

  • I think it’s more relaxed towards the skill tier, but here the people playing it should come and say how it is.

There’s quests about blitz and even the other quests can be finished faster with blitz , it’s short and you can play your hero , I used to play it for quests but once I focused on ranked again I stopped playing blitz and I don’t care about quests , but I play ARAL because Aram is crashing on my device .

So I could add that the new update and anything with 5v5 map is crashing for old devices made people play 3v3 brawl modes .

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I typically only play if I have blitz quests or untimed quests with requirements that can be satisfied more easily in blitz than in ARAL. That still makes up most of my playtime for the day because I typically play less than half an hour a day, which rules out standard modes.