Why are there no OP fortress threads?

He’s probably as good or even better than koshka atm. Theres nothing that stops him. I m happy he got huge nerfs in 3.1 or hes just pure cancer. The gwen, fortress, Ardan comp is so strong atm and very few realise. People keep banning taka and alpha like idiots and leave fortress open and he almost always gets picked. Even if you snowball early game, once he gets an AS and some defense hes good to go. I still cant find a counter to him.


I’ll gladly face Fortress if it means Alpha is banned…


Lance is decent into him as a roam, prevents those lunges, as is Baptiste… he is a bloody nuisance, so simply lock in Koshka and snow ball him, he has terrible clear for the first 5/6 minutes. Take all his jungle and then sit in his jungle don’t give him any roam to scale or farm starve the bastards!!

See CS to many people give late game hero’s free rides early doors, you really shouldn’t.

Ye fortress is op (30 characters)

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I remember that 1 patch when they made his dogs only take basic attack damage. Good old dayz

I know and i try my best not to. But opp team knows that as well. When i try to invade a fortress, many times opp laner and roamer join in to stop me while my laner and roam are hatching eggs in the lane. And all 3 invade me and i ping my teammates to help and they laugh :slight_smile:

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Sounds about right… he is a pain in the back side late game, I not mind though, I like the ole dog!!