🌟 Who have you “mastered”?

Well im just curious and though I don’t have any stars yet…

I plan on getting atleast;
• BF
• Koshka

to 3 stars.

Who have you gotten to said amount of stars? :star2:

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I’ve got Reza star. Maybe Malene and Lance but not really sure.

Skye. Definitely skye. I currently have 2 stars with her.

This text will be blurred

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I’m one game away from getting Lance to two stars.

Lorelai with 2 stars and going 3 soon.
I have been abusing lorelai this patch as captain or cp carry in 5v5 and 3v3

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Haven’t got any yet, I don’t like to speak the same hero over and over. (unless it’s Gwen) my top 3 are currently Yates (600/1100), Anka (300/1100), and Gwen (220/1100)

Shows how much I’m forced into cap that my main cap is double what anything else is (and it’s not even like he’s the only cap I play either, give me just about anyone except Lyra or Catherine)