Who are the most ban worthy heroes in the game in your Opinion?

In my opinion they are:

Grumpjaw(Tensionshock Grumpjaw is extremely difficult to deal with)
And Taka(for a safe matchup with squisies like Celeste and Kestrel

Celeste, Krul, Alpha, Tony/Koshka (depending on what you want as team comp)

Rona is overbanned for little reason - I have a tougher time with BF

Alpha and Taka cause they are annoying af…

For me, it’s idris and Fortress. Just because they are annoying.

From what I see it’s


Celeste (oops i main her)
Kestrel (oops shes my second main)
Tony or Koshka

idk why nobody is playing taka in 5v5 ranked, especially since im low tier

I don’t understand the taka bans. He is rather easy to deal with even as Celeste…

I ban Alpha and Krul mostly.

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In 5v5, SAW. I don’t want to have to deal with that maniac avoiding all fights and dedicating his existence to pushing turrets in unoccupied lanes.

In 3v3, Taka. He’s annoying, and a killer of uncoordinated teams.


I think it is because of gabezzle(sorry for wrong spelling) 's new annoying taka build that rushes defense first and getting stormcrown and aftershock as your only damage items. It is the most annoying build ever, if you try it you are going to have a good time.

Flicker is actually ban worthy if cooldown is built on him. His true sight is monstrous, he can be built tanky to be a harasser, and with cooldown, his ult can be used so frequently it becomes a dangerous tool in 5v5.

Grumpjaw is also ban worthy, so is cooldown Tony: that ult is a pain to deal with.

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I find Flicker underwhelming, if he build tanky he will have a lot of downtime and can’t retreat if the fight goes against him, if he build cooldown he’ll get melted in teamfights since he gains no benefit from CP or health items. His slow < Grumpjaw slow and he has no stun, no kind of heal or sustain, if both team stick together he’ll bring less utility than the enemy’s captain


Except that sometimes our allies can’t. Taka can entirely ignore a good player who outplays him and just focus on harassing other laners and as jungler he doesn’t have to maintain wave and can be all over the map. I personally ban taka because he can easily snowball of a single person who doesn’t know how to handle him and just be an annoyance. Some takas are a threat while most takas are an annoyance, like flicker who needs that constant vision management

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Flicker with an AS can do a lot of work. A tank Flicker with boots can do lots of things. It’s not out of the ordinary to see Flicker in the thick of fights with his B.