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Which skin should I get? I have 500 opals


I really wished that talent coins weren’t included in these chests

Side note I have 500 opals which skins should I get?

Edit: already have all the summer skins and also have the SE Black feather, SE and LE Rona, winter Cath, SE koshka,


Whatever hero you play most. If you still can’t decide, I recommend Bakuto Phinn, it’s an awesome skin.


Whatever you like. Simple. :neutral_face:

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I’d say save it until after this year’s summer skins (we’re getting a Fortress one) but if you’re set on buying one now, always buy fanservice Kestrel.

oh ye or Sailor Moon Celeste. That’s actually a cool skin.


summer party kestrel obviously


My favorite SE skin is LB BF, then baewitched Celeste is really cool looking. I’m not a fan of moon princess personally. Bakuto phinn is also reaaaal badass, but not many people plan Phinn.


If you don’t buy it for you, buy it for your teammates. Win while the enemies are blinded by -ss.


I know i am busy fixing nosebleeds playing against her


*obligatory one-handed joke *



Dunno why but i feel faster when i use celeste MP skin her animation is just fluid. Dont like the cheesy A effect but nevertheless fine.


Her B looks like yucky green goo :frowning:


if youre fine with heroes not in meta - bakuto phinn or snow monster joule
you love the meta even though theyre banned 24 7 - sailor moon celeste (but honestly her star queen is just the best) or gift wrapped fortress
you like pretty blue-red gradient-ish effects - red lantern gwen/reza

imo bakuto phinn is the best. i’m hoping he gets a buff that makes him sleeper op so i can abuse it with my pretty skin


I like Joule and Bakuto Phinn.


Bakuto Phinn is a no-brainer imo, though Bakuto Ringo is also really sick - it’s simple, effective, not too flashy. Red Lantern Gwen looks neat but the sounds are very unsatisfying. Any of the Moon Lyra skins are amazing, but I’m really biased.


Bakuto phinn or sm Joule
Get Joule’s, phinn is pretty useless so you wouldn’t get the chance to use the skin


he’s trying his very best ok
his troll legs just arent good at travelling far


He might not be the hero the rise wants but he is the troll rise deserves


@Satanicsoldier we don’t deserve phinn


The trolls in the rise do XD