Which is the better choice?

If I want to build shatterglass and broken myth what sould I buy first? I mean which is the more powerful the heavy prism+broken myth or piercing shard+shatterglass combo?

I’d go for the Broken Myth first, help get through those early resistances

i mean, it depends on what your enemies are building

if your enemies seem to be picking up shield early, go with whatever combo has more pierce, if they are squishies, go with more flat damage


Usually BM is better first, but whatever else you’re building, at least try to get a T2 built right after BM. Some heroes need the SG first for their abilities, like heroes that have a crystal ratio slow, or a heal mechanic, stuff like that, but if your hero is pure CP ratio, BM is first.

Most of the time BM will be before SG. Very rarely will you need to rush a SG

BM first means you sacrifice flat damage, a lot of flat damage to mitigate future shielding.
No one I repeat no one but the captain will go t3 shield first. Captain might go fountain first and he will be the only target that is beneficial to attack.
Spellfire/frostburn offer about the same damage but with more utility.

BM is only worth it when the enemy is building defense.

You build BM I build SH and your piercing does next to nothing! While flat damage from a shatterglass would do more damage.

Skills above 160% CP ratio will benefit from raw CP more.

30% shield pierce versus 86 shield when 100 shield offers 50% damage reduction.

Or 70 CP more x the CP ratio on your skill.


Hmmm, I’m still a bit confused. If the enemies have no shield or have t1 shield then shattergass+piercing shard. If they have t2 or maybe they rush a t3 shield early then broken myth+heavy prism. Right?

I’d go shatter glass or DE first. People don’t build shield early game. You don’t really need broken myth till like your third t3 offensive item.


SG all day long, especially with any hero with CP ratios.

Why would you be concerned with shield pierce as a first T3 item? Nobody has built defence at this point and your dropping so much raw CP DMG.

Literally makes no sense to ever build a BM as a first item on any hero.

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Just build the Heavy Prism, Eclipse Prism, Piercing Shard to start, and then the next time you are able to buy, if you have enough for SG, finish it, otherwise finish the BM. But first check the enemy build of course. :smiley:


While I don’t disagree with anyone saying pure CP is better and you will be outdamaged by it with just BM, I’d consider that almost any hero is going to build some kinda defense, and heroes have inherent armor & shield even without items. Your shield pierce will affect that even without them building items so that’s something to consider. It’s almost always good to at least have a piercing shard, even if you’re building SG/DE first. I’d say @VideoVillain’s suggestion is best if you’re trying to outbuild.

You r wrong. 2 examples r SAW and Baron. They always rush 2 SG b4 BM

Yeah I probably am. Pure CP dmg might be better. I guess I just like BM better because it can still counteract shield and so many people build aegis or fountain but SG or DE is gonna do more dmg.

These are typical rules for SG and BM:

High base damage with low scaling favors BM. Aftershock benefits from the pierce on BM. BM’s value increases as the enemies buy shielding and the later the game goes.

Low base damage with high scaling favors SG. Alternating current benefits from the higher CP from SG. SG as a first item for mages provides a nice bump to damage.

If I am building SG and BM on a hero, I typically go SG + piercing spear. There is no hero that benefits from a BM as a first item that would build a SG afterward.


@Bayou summed it up best. I’d say his answer is the most direct.

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Thanks guys for your answers :cowboy_hat_face:

If you use a high burst hero ( and u are very dominating jungler ) SG is a very good item for snowballing and if the enemy seem to have a shield build, Go for BM first.

Shard not Spear mate …

Why would you build BM? Enemy laners aren’t rushing defence they’re not thinking defence by the time you’ve built your first T3 item. I’d say you want to look to build it as a third item, even as second item it doesn’t make sense IMO because your enemy carries won’t be rushing shield.

Also ignore the advice saying build towards both then make your mind up, your missing out on a power spike when doing this and it’ll cost you in higher ranked games.

To those advocating this as a first item justify your statement and tell me your skill tier level.