Which hero should I write (unofficial) lore for?

Dear forums,

So I’ve started writing a bit of lore for heroes already existing in Vainglory. Currently, I am focusing on heroes with little to no lore as they I feel are the ones that need the most representation.

However, I need help. On one part I want to keep the story elements and lore as grounded in the established canon as I possibly can. I also however want to add in my own interpretations to how I feel each character would be represented thematically.

This is hard since I also will always have a looming shadow of expectations from players who cherish the lore of Sugarvenom in the back of my head.

I have tried my best to capture the spirit of her writing but I personally always doubt I will ever match up to that especially alone.

Simply emulating the work and effort she put in would not do however since that would simply be a lifeless imitation without soul and therefore risked being treated as aimless fan fiction.

That of course is not what I had in mind.

The other problem of course is interpretation, it is hard to really figure out the full extent of each characters nuances and their stories by personal inferences as that tends to spawn bias assumptions which can be dangerous to make in hubris.

So far the most I have to work with is the voice lines which are not really much to go on.

My end goal is to create lore for those who loved the world building but can also be picked up by newcomers and attach them to a character. Without support from voice actors and SEMC that is a tall order.

The lore would be more than a retelling of the hero in action and what their abilities are in their world but rather an opportunity to expand the horizon of Vainglory’s world and tell the story each hero wants to tell to the writer and the reader.

So the purpose of this post is more if a unofficial poll to see what lore people want to see for which hero or maybe something a bit more abstract. I cannot promise it will be canon but I will try my best to bring lore back as long as possible.


For Silvernail! I really like his theme of being a hunter, and we already know he was in prision.


i’d definitely read the “Y nordics” lore. By that I mean Yates and Ylva.
We definitely know they’re from the same nation, probably even same Army, that they know each other (by Ylva’s voicelines), but I don’t think they relate to the “cannon nations” (Gythia, etc.).
So there’s a balance between guidelines, yet freedom to develop a new country


I mean we do know they are from the same location and it’s somewhere with arctic conditions. They also seem to utilize the same red crystal technology for their weaponry.

I won’t say they are a nation per say, they seem more like a traditional nomadic tribe that has been upgraded with technology from the outside. So a bit of research into northern nomadic tribes will be in order for me to get that right feeling.

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Well he’s not just any hunter but a hunter of the supernatural monsters according to one of his voice lines.

We do know he was in prison however since so has Graves from League of Legends. Silver nail and Graves seem pretty similar and they both have gone to prison.

So if I attempt to write lore for him I will have to try hard to avoid making him too similar to Vayne or Graves.

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