Which 5 skins do you like the most?

Well, I would like to know which 5 skins you like the most of the whole game, no matter the character, tell me what you think are the 5 skins best made of the whole game.

I’ll be watching the comments.

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Check out this thread for some opinions and the results of a recent series of polls of our membership:

Also, Baewitched Celeste best girl. :wink:


and what should the prize be?
A girlfriend? :joy:
A husky puppy?
A pony?
the kiss of your crush?

Skin please

For me it’s Bakuto Phinn, Netherworld Fort, TP Grace (Poor Flamingo), Poseidon Lance (Beautiful skin), and Evolution Sam as my favorite Epic skin :^)

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Ride or die skye ofc. And not just because she’s my main xd.

It has

  • custom sound effects
    -custom skin model
    -custom animations.

Not a lot of skins have all 3

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  1. Dynasties BF (Rare)
  2. Champions BF (Legendary)
  3. Exo Skye (Legend)
  4. Feathered Anka (Epic)
  5. Tier 1 Vox (Rare)

Surprisingly Lyra doesn’t hold not one spot of my all time favorite skins. Just because I dont really like the color scheme nor the vfx.

Come on VG! Where is the space skin for BF that Ylva talked about.

edit: I shouldn’t say that I dont like the Lyra skins, because I do but they arent my cup of tea.

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I love Legendary skin of BF :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Kirin Fortress, Fury Taka, Taizen Kensei, Netherknight or Ice Vox, and Ride or Die Skye.

All of them are pretty unique. I like Ra’dagio for the same reason, they stand out.

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1.- Shogun Master Ringo
2.- NS Taka/LB BF/Storm Vigil Ardan/ONI Kensei

Honorable mentions: Vox sky captain and cloud rider, netherknight reza, seraphim Adagio, oh, and all Celeste legendary skins lol.

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