Where the settings at?

I have been holding this to myself for a while now and I’ve been especially keen on it ever since settings became visible in-game but I still cannot find the settings to like you know to change the game from high to medium and low.

Also for people who are using medium is it really making a difference FPS wise? FPS has actually become a huge problem for me especially after I downloaded that “hotfix.”

For Android, I believe it’s right on the application’s landing screen.

For iOS it’s under Settings > Vainglory.

Edit: To also answer your question, I play on an iPad and I actually find it performs better for me personally on its highest setting, but that’s because the three options are:

  • Default
  • High Performance
  • Low Power Mode

So you might be better off trying low-power mode, and I would assume these are the same on Android, but I cannot say for certain.

As for Android, it’s down near the bottom of the settings under ‘quality settings’. Fps hasn’t really changed for me, I still get the same drops wether I’m playing on high or low.

I actually got the advise to destroy the game quality by going from medium to low. On a currently midranged tablet due to age. The game is becoming more and more difficult to play for devices. This tablet was a step above my previous one who ran VG on high… As did my previous tablet. But 5v5 I need to run on low since last few patches. I no longer suffer lagg spikes on low…

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Android is hell on developers because of hardware and os range out there hell kitkat is still popular

I know but my nexus 9 has a nvidia k1 64 bit 2.2ghz duelcore with a 192 core gpu and 2 gb ram on android 7.1.1.
Far from the newest flagships but certainly not a bad device. Yet I have to run on low settings to avoid lagg…
Meanwhile many ios devices don’t even have 2gb ram at all…

About the same stats as the apple ipad 2017…

I think the big problem right now is the network. They utilize aws which bases things based soley on location completley ignoring the biggest factor in ping, the infustructure. There are other services that will actually take you through the best ping route . Though in all reality the lag we experience can be band aided by semc but will never be fixed until we the consumers stop taking sh** from isp’s as there is no excuse for fiber networks not being widespread for household use