Where is Tony CP?

Tbh, where the hell is Tony CP? I haven’t seen a single Tony CP in 3.1 (both in-game and videos) and now they buff the already powerful WP path and nerfing the base damage which has been already useless for the CP path more useless. What have they been thinking?

No we don’t need every hero to have two different play paths. In reality all it does is make the hero harder to balance because they’re trying to make two paths viable and can just end up limiting each path of the hero. I like Tony he don’t need a copy path.


Problem is flex pick and of course, lore. In his lore his Power Punchers are also called Crystal Punchers

I don’t think cp was meant to be that viable in the first place. Many times, ratios that don’t fit the most common role is meant for the more viable captain role. Most captains buy 1 offensiveish item like Stormcrown or in Tony’s case, Aftershock. Its just like Ardan’s cp ratios. Is cp Ardan a thing? No.

It’s like this: most warriors have 2 paths even though some may have a way weaker CP path but they still have it. Tony however doesn’t.

Ardan doesn’t have a CP path, as @ClassyBfMain stated. Tony is similar, in that his CP path wouldn’t be based on power as much as utility, such as having aftershock and clockwork, or giving him a frostburn to take advantage of the crystal ability slow and his punch combo on low CD or something.

The only possible cp tony would be a largely pointless Alternating Current build. Tony is meant to be built as a support or wp instead of wp or cp. some heroes wouldn’t flex well to support, same as aome CP heroes don’t have much of a realistic WP path. This is nothing new.

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Then why do they give him CP damage and ratio?

CP Ardan was a thing and they nerfed it into Oblivion last patch.


70% CP to 40% CP.

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I would assume it’s because again, you could in theory build him around with an alternating current since his A is a chain of empowered basic attacks, as well as possibly get benefits from frostburn or spellfire since his A is also an ability. You could build tony with a clockwork, aftershock, alternating current build, and fill in with experimental items as you like. In that situation, you could probably take advantage of his ult often enough to warrant building a brokenmyth and shatterglass on him, but you would be sacrificing his innate WP powervand the ratio on his A for the ratio on his ult.

I’m sure i’m not the first to think of a possible cp path with tony, but it’s just not attractive since he’s based around using his basic most of the time, empowered or not, and his A has rati for WP. His CP path would be inherently weaker in almost any matchup.

Like really, I can do 1 change to make CP Tony viable: making his A have 3 activations like Ozo TRC. In that case the Aftershock is applied everytime he lands an empowered basic attack.

lol correction on my part. it was a thing, you’re right.

this is like asking Where is celeste wp? it was never meant to be… the reason there was a ration was on his ult was so for the as or cw probably

For the classic AS CW BM ardan it was actually a buff as they increased base damage of his B. It is a nerf if building above 200 CP which was a rare case

Well, I tried making a CP Tony. No point. But you could hybrid him between CP and WP. You could make him with AS, AC, BM, TB, SSW, and HC’s I guess. Doing both types of dmg plus the speed and stun make him kinda deadly…? Kinda.

i tried hybrid as well. got CW so that his ULT comes up more often and got TB and went Captain build Crucible and Fountain :sweat_smile:

Does that make him a triple hybrid? i don’t even know the word for that.

lol tony can triple hybrid. Just give him all basic attack proc items and support items and he’s good to go. AS, TB, SC, CW, (I’d recommend) Foh, and WT, and he ain’t half bad in a pinch.