Where is the ranked?

Title says it all, i was expecting that 5v5 would have a ranked mode. Anybody got any info on this?

As much as people are asking for it already I’d be shocked if they didn’t add it as soon as possible, likely for the next season.

It’s been confirmed for 3.1

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good stuff, i got home from work, updated and was ready to rank and saw it was still cas only feelin like

D: how? this is what the pros will be competing in…

I’m personally ready for rank, while I do enjoy 5v5 I have been running into lame casuals… Afks, no communication and I have yet to play a game where we went after either of the dragons. I possibly just have bad luck but I’m ready for the rank system to separate all of us into our tiers.

First game double ghost wing kill. Both sides one dragon kill.

Had 3 games straight with AFK’S