Where is flicker?

His kit is supposed to be good in a coordinated team and he is snowball oriented. He got his true vision buff in 3.0 to make him viable but iirc I have never seen a pro player use flicker and he wasn’t picked even once in the VPL. If a hero who is snowball oriented is not used in a snowball friendly meta what is wrong with him? Is the problem with his kit? Saying that he needs high skill cap and needs a coordinated team to shine is fine until we see that pro teams meet both requirements and they still don’t use him. Does his kit need sort of a rework? His kit revolves too much around his stealth abilities and it has been a huge disadvantage for him

I think his B should be replaced with the epic talent B and his A should be turned into something different. if you compare baptiste and flicker, baptiste has a spammable slow. compared to it flicker has a slow which he cant really use if theres enough vision. Baptiste B is a guaranteed stun unless blocked or atleast it locks the player down in a small place. Baptiste C is one of the best disengage moves in the game. Flicker has an ult thats useless when theres vision. Vision makes most of the reason for playing flicker useless. After the early-mid game, theres enough vision and hes pretty much useless. Now, why shouldnt i pick an ardan or fortress or cath or even lyra instead? They have so much more use.


I believe he needs rework. His kit doesnt work at all (this is from my experience playing a lot of Flicker when 5v5 came out and have 30% win rate with him - or maybe I just suck at him)

He relies too much on stealth and well as lack of map awareness/vision on the enemy side. Cp kestrel is a top mid lane pick in pro play right now and flicker should in theory counter her with his true vision but he is seen nowhere even as a counter pick let alone a meta captain.

His perk badly needs to be changed a bit, he is too dependent on staying in brushes. He is supposed to be a frontline tank lategame but how can he do it when he has to be in a brush to make use of like 80% of his kit. Krul has the same mechanism but he makes up with his monster early-mid game and team utility with his ult and weakness, flicker does nothing good

In theory Flicker counters Kestrel and Taka BUT he has to stay in a bush doing nothing for a good 2 sec to activate his stealth and by that time Kessy and Taka would have found safer position AND most teamfights doesn’t happen in the bush
Funny thing is I do see Flicker ban a lot lately, such a waste

Who is flicker?

It happens in soloq. It is a waste of a ban slot,the bans mostly happen because he is a annoyance and people are lazy and don’t place proper vision.

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That is a very good question, did he use his Ult? Do you have proper vision?

sorry not sorry


I’ve seen some really good Flickers from time to time when he gets picked, but considering how much vision there is in 5v5 I feel like it hurts his captain niche, being invisible and setting up ganks.
I have two solutions:

  1. Make his invisibility undetected by scout cams, not too sure if I would want this to be a part of his ultimate, but just for himself. Even though he can’t be seen by scout cams he can be seen by flares, so theoretically Flicker would actually have a presence on the map and the enemy captain would have to address the areas of where Flicker might go to gank. There is a possibility of having jungle Flicker considering that Stormcrown is a thing, but if it gets too strong because of his damage maybe a nerf to the ratio on his B should be fine.
  2. Just make Flicker what he was meant to be: vision. Transform him into a scout cam when seen by the enemy who places their scout cam in a bush, and the enemy is going to try to kill him but bam he moves and starts rooting and slowing the enemy. This should give him some more presence on the map.

Ofc in a 1v1 scenario he’ll still die.

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I’m glad you did it so I didn’t have to.

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In 2.12 when Flicker got his true sight buff (or was it 3.0? I don’t remember) I played him almost constantly, and had a win rate of over 80% with him (still do I think actually, just haven’t played him so much this patch) so I don’t think he needs a buff. he works really well with dragonblood contract early, sneaking up while stealthed and activating it. Try it.