Where are the penalties for dodging?

I am sitting here in a 20 min que because of 3 dodges almost after full draft. 5 min que in between…

Now going into my fourth draft while I could have finished a game already.

There used to be penalties in place where are they?
Dodging is killing the game…


There are penalties, but you simply cant see them if you are not recieving them.

Were the penalties for dodging reinstated in 3.3?

There is no penalty if you dodge repeatedly you just get lpq but you won’t lose elo

Is that 5v5 or 3v3 ?
3v3 is still with the 10 elo loss for dodging

I dont understand why people dodge in 5v5 its a very dumb mode
Like i lost a lot of matches even with us winning draft , it doesnt mean anything winning draft , for 3v3 winning draft = winning game

5v5 which is the better mode out of the two…

@hazeleyes what were you referring to?

I have to que 4x half of all actual matches…


In your opinion, for me 3v3 >>>>>5v5

Man that is pretty crappy it seems lately dodging from my experience is a lot less except in brawl modes

There are no penalties to dodging. I’ve regardless been in drafts where someone decides they’re the “big man” and dodged the match. Guess what? That same individual is in my next draft having suffered nothing for their crime.

I spent a similar amount of time yesterday waiting for 10 to even accept the match, yet alone dodging the game itself. Think it was thirty minutes of queue time.

I asked the question if Nivmett in his thread and the response was something along the lines of “they’re looking into it”.


The penalties for dodging were removed when 5v5 was released. AFAIK, they haven’t been re-instituted, but I haven’t played since 3.3 was released. (Too busy with work and family stuff.)


They don’t punish someone for the first time.

The problem with that in 5v5 is that 10 people can dodge… If they requed together 10x everyone could dodge and get away with the total mess…

Then it’s the problem of the mode, not the players. Keep in mind that there is a bug that prevents you from picking, so until they don’t fix it, they can’t punish the players in their first times, because chances are that it’s due to that bug.

I believe that’s the explanation for why the penalties were removed. Unfortunately, it’s made dodging rampant …


Never encountered the bug, but I have encountered half hour waits, it’s for this reason I play 3v3 before 9 oclock as its easier to get a match started.

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I agree, but until that bug is fixed, they shouldn’t do anything.

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Agreed. I feel like I say this a lot, but I really don’t understand why so many known bugs go unfixed for so long …

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Idk. Maybe they didn’t discover it until the update was already released?

It was actually reported just after 3.0 was released, sadly. (Assuming it’s the same bug.)

Idk what happened with this bug.