When will malene skin be released?

Im lucky… I got it from a gold chest XD

Curse you…

30 chars

Huh, feels like im the only one with se idris. Surely some others have won it?

OK but when’s the Glaive skin out that’s the one I really want

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Who is glaive?

30 characters…

True to that. The only thing I saw is that his idle animation changed (hopping menacingly, and periodically taking off his head and holding it), the blazing red spear animation when getting his WP path (I mean, default also blazed red, but not as red as this one), and his B. Don’t know about his ult though.
But I definitely think Malene’s skin is a steal for all the brand new effects she has. I honestly think that Malene’s skin should be priced more than Idris’s because of all the new animations. Aside from the cool factor, Headless Idris pales in comparison to Malene’s.


Completely agree. I was very unimpressed with Idris’ skin. Malene was an instabuy.


All of them should have been epic imo. Malene traded off a walk animation for new effects, Flicker got new walk and run animations instead of effects (tbh what would they change it to besides a bright orange or pitch black) and Idris got both but both have been done poorly.

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