When will malene skin be released?

I… desperately need her new skin…


Next update since her skin is S.E…mostly likely gonna be unlockable through chest…

Looks like SOON™ :jack_o_lantern:


*breathes heavily and patiently

Funny thing is that its epic, and flicker, Who has no animation changes at all is Epic too. Idris is legendary (yaaaay) so until they release Glaive’s, Idris is the only one Who matters in this update. I guess all three skins will be released at the same time, no?

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I haven’t tried flicker’s or glaive’s or idris’s yet, but the malene skin is AMAZING. There’s an effect when she melts away in her dark cloud that’s just beautiful. It might be just an epic, but it’s still really really cool.

Wait Malene’s skin is just an epic?

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Oops, no, just checked. It’s an SE

Malene is special edition… not epic…

Flicker is useless… he needs no animation lol

But the bonus is from Epic. Its like red lantern Gwen.
Inside the SE skins, they go from Rare (Ringo) to legendary (celeste), Malene is Epic, so is Flicker, and Idris is legendary. @Saint7502 @HipsterSkaarf

Idris skin is amazing, It changes depending on your passive, and the best part is when he plays with his head.

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But nevertheless… malene got animation changed and effects too… the pumpkin cloud is just :heart:

Its it’s best animation, the other animation were meh (IMO).

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The animination were effect changed to suit the theme… i still love it nevertheless

I hate how they do this. T3 skins just don’t exist anymore. New heroes can’t even get the same sunlight bonus as the rest and SEMC is doing this on purpose because they don’t want people to reach lvl 100.

i thought all se skins give the same bonus. that was in the semc website when they started making se skins. i am pretty sure the rarity thing of the se skins just affects how many opals they cost. if that is the case i am glad that the malene and flicker skins are considered epic because i have low opals ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;-; and then i will probably not need to spend opals until spooky alpha

No, It affects sunlight bonus too. Reason why Bakuto Ringo gives only 33%

All of Idris’s skins (including his base model) change in the same manner depending on which paths he unlocks. I haven’t seen anything particularly noteworthy yet.

How long more to malene skin?