When we will have a voice chat in game?

I play Rules of Survivor and pretty impressed by the voice chat system of that game. Why don’t we have one?I need something to tell when I am out of mana but my teammates keep wanting me to going all in

There is a ping for that - the last one I believe.

Yeah, that is announce current health. But that is just example. I want voice for more things, not only that

I honestly want a customised ping list. its just too long.
80% useless.
higher tiers always spam ping me because that’s pretty much their only way of getting a simple message across. I’m not mad at them spam pinging, I’m mad at the whole ping system.

For example: to ping somebody to go somewhere, it’s ping them, then ping the location. The only time I’ve ever seen that actually implemented is with bots. or a godly roamer (rare as) or a person who is already dead.

The overwhelming majority of the player base just don’t know how to ping properly, by no fault of their own. it’s the system.

Voice chat is to the brain like tap controls are to the fingers. it just flows naturally. When they finally figure out the logistics of delivering it and keeping a low latency network… it’ll be the future.

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