When the next update?

First. I don’t know where to post this (lool) then the next question is when is the next update? We haven’t got any sneaks peaks from SEMC and its Jan 12 (although we kinda know whats coming since we have @PopcornOne :haha: )

I don’t expect it until February .

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Pbe testing just started so probably in 2 weeks or so

Ill play the new patch if they release that nice Varya skin UwU

I’d guess 2 weeks or so based on SEMCs usual scheduling.

Theres a new Varya skin coming??? :star_struck:

Yes in the sakes for being truthful and no since its against the rules for leaks.

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I didn’t why SEMC Looked PBE I mean in ML everyone can get PBE and make videos about new things SEMC should do that .

I think after 2 weeks

PBE is private beta environment. That’s exactly why normies can’t get in it. Unless you want the incident 2 years ago when they seem had to purge the PBE due to people being accepted and leaking the sh*t out of PBE.

Also, different company. Don’t know much about ML. But from what I observed from netease, the china builds gets the testing thats why its kinda available to everyone who can’t wait.

I mean ML give Pbe for everyone even small channel had 10k subscribe.
And because pbe open more videos about the game =more attention about it more money.
Even no vainglory channel speak Arabic my language
I feel im only one in my country plays.
In other hand ML had a lot of Arabic youtubers
And ML gives channels free dimonds (ice in ML) for more entertaining videos

The sadest part is big vainglory channel die like rumbly the game slowly dying .

if this in vainglory we will give them feedback in PBE before they made wrong disssions

This is I really like it in ML

Rumbly quitter because he wanted to try continuing being an engineer right? But yea SEMC Needs to step up on spreading this game to everyone…

Ok, thats good our exams is this week…means i can play VG without any time constraints lools :kraken_happy_t2: