When people forget to ban tony, how do I counter him?

Im having alot of trouble with tony but only when teamfights happen. I would love to hear your thoughts on how to counter him effectively during team fights/late game . My main role is jungle koshka

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reim is a good option. he counters melee and snowballs like koshka. unfortunately i don’t knwo if he is good this update…

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Rona, bf and Joule also work since his b becomes redundant in a 1v1 and they out trade him.


You have a range carry kite him.

You shouldn’t dive first when Tony is around with an assassin. He can stun and taunt. If you dive in a team fight you’ll die because he’ll lock you down.

He’s pretty much the counter to assassins.


For some reason, Petal seems to be a very good counter pick to tony. It is very easy for tony to hit your munions instead of you, and her kiting Potential + Slow really locks him down and helps your teammates to finish him. He is also a tank so Petal gets free dragon’s eye stacks from him :smiley:

PS: Though Pick Petal ONLY when there is more than one hero on the enemy team that she counters simply because she does have a lot of bad matchups. Petal counters Tony, Reim, Skye, Taka, Rona, Krul, Kestrel, Celeste (in the early game and via ganks. Only counters in a teamfight if the are able to dive with someone like Fortress.

PS 2: Burst Damage really annoys him. Taka is a better pick against a tony simply because he can easily doge the taunt via his A and his ultimate greatly reduces his Barrier. The problem with Taka though is that he is permabanned. Just look at VG pro for proof.

Rona is good against Tony because he is free BP stacks and Tony can’t do much to rona except to Stun her as Rona is Tankier than tony and most melee heroes anyways(with the exception of Reim and Krul)


Uh any hero that doesn’t have a channelling and directional ability e.g Ringo.

Is Tony that strong?

I’ve played Skye vs him on numerous occasions and as long as you kite well he’s a sitting duck, don’t let stun you, if you do you’ll be loved down, but it’s fairly easy to boot away from this of needs be.

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Exactly assassins want to go in and out of combat. Once they try to go out Tony can CC Chain them to death.


Well im talking about using koshka as a counter :stuck_out_tongue:

Destroy him early game, get in his face like you would every other hero, you’ll farm quicker than him, you’ll out DMG him early game and you’ve got better movement mobility during the entire match.

Don’t let him scale into the late game, you should be snowballing him. Even if you do get into late game your mobility should be negating his A stun, I agree his B is annoying but it’s fairly hard to land on mobile hero’s like Koshka.

If your beating reim abd Krul you would be beating Tony IMO.

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you need somebody with a poke ability or a long range Auto to proc Tony’s 6 second barrier, then ALL IN. once you see that little white buffer dissapear, everyone should be attacking him.

Lance’s kit can make mincemeat of Tony in the same way he works so well against Ozo. Any ability you see him use, just smack him away and if you get taunted you’ve got a directional shield to nullify his damage.


He can’t kill you easily but the same can be said for him… You can’t kill Tony with Lance fast enough you have burst damage but low DPS…

Think he means as a roam support…

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The only way to do that is out scale him, but again, Tony counters assassins. So it’s better to let your carries handle him.

i thought Tony was introduced to be played as a support, but so far in games ive seen 99.99% of the time played as wpn carry.

btw, his ult can be avoided if we time our crucible correctly ?

I find Krul counters him quite well, simply because he can’t keep up with the sustain.