When is 3.8 activation?

Not sure which category to put

BUT bi*ch i can’t wait for 3.8 for malene skin and then stay inactive!

The 17 of October (in ~1 week).
Plot twist: it’s rare.

Who cares. I need her skin :heart_eyes:

My fav main

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Dont judge a skin just with the splash art, it wouldn’t be the first time the in game isn’t the same (cough cough Rona cough cough).


Not to mention Bakuto Ringo…

Who cares about rona or ringo.

Her T3 hair is so freaking ugly in game. Way different from how it’s portrayed in the splashart

@HipsterSkaarf since you’re a ambassador(still don’t know what that is exactly), has there been any talks within the year about refining current skins?

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That’s a good question. I know it’s been brought up in the past, but I think it’s always been a low priority because there’s so much else to develop and refine, from new content to balancing to bug fixes to etc, et cetera, &c.

I’ll try bringing it up again though. If there are enough visual/style tweaks, maybe it would be worth taking another two-week period to update them, kind of like the period we’re in now devoted to squashing bugs.

As for being an ambassador, did you catch the AMA?


The 17th? Nani? That’s when the first Spiderman DLC comes out :o

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I saw you move my thread from FEBRUARY

What are you doing with my old posts :triumph:


:joy: :joy: caught me lmfao

I was cleaning the Help section

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We hired a new janitor. He’s very enthusiastic. :minions_happy_t2:


“I found this twig here in the hallway, could you believe this thing has been here for 9 months? I’m going to go put it back outside with the other twigs.”


A twig ?? From you ?? Had to have been a flower

Back outside where it belongs, with the sunshine