When ever the BOTS are trolling

You know the game is just getting way too toxic. I decide to play a (“Very Hard” lol) solo 5v5 bot game to get warmed up before I played pvp and I couldn’t get a game where the other 4 bots went to lane. It was always captain Ardan meat riding Ozo or Joule or something and stealing my jungle. WHILE ON MY TEAM. Like, seriously. Gtfo.

Oh, and nice call on no longer allowing us to ping directions for bots, SEMC. That’s not frustrating in the slightest. Pinging danger only for the idiot bot to just keep running in.


Sounds like they made the boots give you a full vainglory experience. Least the devs are listening to our problems just instead of doing something to work on them they made the boots play like everyone else. I guess the devs are telling us to get use to it

Are you complaining about Bots not being good at teamwork?

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He is complain that the boots play like so many are in game


I am complaining that they are taking a role I called in the lobby and clearly intended to play, yes. Since Solo bots is the only bot mode for 5v5 and I would like to practice my early jungle clears, I would expect it to cooperate. But instead, I can only practice 2-3 camps because the other half of my jungle has been stolen by my own teammates. Which has never happened to me in pvp actually.

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If you are not new to VG, use Casual to practice, not bots. Bots are useless if you know how to play your hero. You will pick up practice on jungle clears, while also getting experience with how real enemies will play the map.

I used practice-mode to learn how to stutter step and have never touched it since. I’d like to see one person tell me the benefit of bots post hero-learning phase.

TLDR; bots are useless, therefor their trolling is neglible

They teach you patience because until you are high tier all you get are trollmates not teammates

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:joy: You got me there, I guess

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I agree, but still. Even if you avoid the problem, it’s still a part of the game. And any part of the game should be decent and playable, regardless of how useful it may or may not be.

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So are you saying lower tier ranks should be wiped so people can play the game?

No, I’m saying all aspects of the game should be enjoyable, and work correctly. Where did wiping lower tiers come in?

With the keywords of working properly and be enjoyable. As a moba gamer who recently joined vainglory some of the stuff that happens in ranked matches makes me want to quit all Moba games. You start off by default in t4 in 3v3 originally it was probably fun but since I’ve joined it’s been mostly the special breed of people who go out their way to screw up a game or just rage quiting after first death/turret destroyed. Once you get those people on even half regular basis you drop fast the further you drop the worse your experience is

Slightly off topic but if you can find a decent time to play I can see if we can play some and I’ll let you know how you play. I decayed down to T4 a while back and I’ve got a decent winrate maiming Roam/Captain/Support/WHATEVER you want to call it anymore.

You should if semi decent be able to hard carry any t4 match. Having made a smurf to test this if say a decent player can hard carry to SA (I class myself a decent playing Tier 9) It becomes harder at this point at the quality of the opposition improves.

Theirs no excuse for struggling to get out these ranks, if your stuck then you need to look at your own gameplay.

At some random time, when i accidentally dead the bots laughed. So toxic.

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