What's with these Flicker bans?

I don’t get it. Save a ban for Celeste, Rona, Skaarf instead people.

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Why all three have easy counters. Flicker becomes a huge annoyance and game maker when done right


Flicker has counters too
When Flicker is fed, he’s annoying. When those 3 fed, it’s game changing.
When Flicker is behind, enemy won’t give a f about his slow or stealth. When those 3 behind, they still can play safe, splitpush and have a chance to comeback

Yes but you forget flicker ult has no limit to area stealthing a full team allowing invisble rotation and strategy changes

Flicker has easy counters too, fortress can have vision on his entire team after lvl 6, if there is a Celeste in mid lane forget ganking it as flicker, churnwalker chains reveals him and varya ult gives away any plays his ult can be used to make

its mainly because people are lazy to lay down vision. that’s it.
same reason why Taka is banned. Easy to deal with, but lazy to actually do it.


Pretty much this, when it boils down to it, 5v5 is a nightmare for vision - especially when all your teammates are new to Vainglory/MOBAs and consider vision not a tactic, but a chore.

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Waste, ban Lyra if your banning a roam, she’s bloody cancer, her bulwark is OP, her healing potential is immense and her C can lead to nasty engages or help her escape. She’s almost unkillable… and is actually a pretty good top lane choice since she’s self sustaining.

Flicker? Well he has numerous counters and assuming opposition roam buys vision he becomes easy to counter… not the worst ban in the world, but he’s not meta.

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