What's the meta?

i haven’t been playing since the Yates patch and just wanna try playing again. who’s strong, what’s the build that makes people cry, is inara wp or cp?? how should i build defense as a carry/jungler? is inara any good?

There is no meta since the patch has been out for 3 days…

While it is known that Tension Bow is now a must have item on carries now

oh yikes see i havent been playing much that i foegot how recent the patch is

Umm triple tank or double tank is still alive soo…

just wanna ask again is tb still a first item build? or do you build it after a few items?

TB is good once you have a lot of WP so buy SB/ SB+BP and then TB.

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If double tank isn’t there then the game is toxic with damage… Game needs carries but imo the captain and top laner should be the tanks unless the top laner is planning to kill the enemy bot laner.


I agree. I like the double tank meta. Captain doesn’t even have to be overly tanky, but a Tanky toplaner or jungler is a good idea.

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