What's the meta in 3v3?

what’s good, bad, and what should i not do?
is the lane+jungle duo first rotation still a thing?
wanted to try raising my v3 rank since it looks ugly :1

3v3 still depends on draft and counter play , we got lane wp heroes (ringo , vox , kinetic , baron) , jungle cp (Reza , anka , Skye , kestrel , Samuel) , wp (krul , glaive ) , roam (Ardan , grace , churn , Lyra)

Jungler and laner first rotation still a thing , and 3 man invade is a thing too , like you could invade at level 1 and snowball .

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Vox, Baron, Kensei, Malene, Idris, Celeste, Ardan, Grace, Reza, Krul and the 3 best ones in my opinion in each position are Kinetic, Churnwalker and Koshka. Laner/Jungler duo first clear is still the way to go unless you got a Churnwalker.

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