Whats the Accepted Strategy for 5v5?

Is is similar to LoL, with one top, one mid, one jungler and two bot? Or is there some other arrangement?

Also I am completely new to 5v5 so give me all the dank cancer-strats please and thank you <3

tank top
magey mid
adc bot
everywhere roamer
jungley jungler


So Roamers now have to jump around a 3 lanes map instead of just a lane and a jungle?

Ay no…

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its true, if u neglect a lane, the enemy can capitalize on that and snowball, especially for the top lane

edit: watch some vg captain streamer/yt people if u don’t believe me

Jungle helps bot mid helps top and mid is more accurate…

Because of river movement buff a captain can rotate from mid lane to any lane easily. So generally it’s jungler helps the side lane which is closest to him/her and captain in mid can rotate to the other side lane from mid


As lyra once said, the best defense is not to be there.


Typically your jungler is going to rotate around the bottom half of the map as this is where the gold and experience is located. They’ll support bot lane to push early turrets.

Top lane needs to play conservatively, delaying the inevitable turret collapse for as long as possible. A decent roam is going to rotate up to offer them support whilst also covering midlane. If you find their wandering down to the bottom of the map be prepared to get snowballed hard.


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Oh, I must have read it weird then. Sorry. :tired_face: I was worried for a second.

why worried? I wish she had new lines tbh! I need her to scold the carries more for not doing their job properly

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I was worried they took some of her lines away. I think she definitely needs more Babysitter-Done-With-This-Feeding-Carry lines.

She certainly do!

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Solo-q in a nutshell.