What would be the counterbuild to Grumpjaw( shiv, pulseweave, bp) using Tony

I was playing Tony in my recent game and I was facing a Grumpjaw ( poision shiv, Pulseweave , breaking point, sorrowblade, war threads, slumbering husk) and I end up with run for life almost always . What would be the counter build for this grump build?

GJ counters Tony. Don’t expect to beat him using Tony.

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Ok @Guest_78 Help me with this . What are the counters for Tony? It will help me in fights.

His damage reduction along with his stack gain per AA will most likely leave you near death most of the time. Melees (not Krul) have no chance against him and maybe you can kite him to death or team focus him.

For Tony? Hum… mages, sustain melee heroes + Anka. Silvernail also plays well into him due to the traps. Right now he is a tanky frontliner focused in cc, so he doesn’t really counters much, it’s like the other cc oriented heroes in this meta.