What , why i cant use my Ozo as my name

Its said already used … yo , im the OG Ozo from previous forum … cmon im the one worthly to act as a fiction character
I was too late create this account because i was work at Walmart 24hour until i forgot to check a forum … now i already joined forum this march

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All hero names were reserved with NPC accounts (check the groups and you’ll see)

Damnit , that imitating Ozo stole my name

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You don’t need the name Ozo to be Ozo :wink:

Well , i just stick with monkey king name

Uuuhueuu. Why do I have to be Ozo?


Which mod pulled this stunt?
I applaud your sense of humour! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@HipsterSkaarf you are Awesome!!!

Don’t worry, I still love u, Ozo-senpai :wink:

Can relate.


In 30 characters ofc.


All hail the king


if i was you, I would’ve named myself - Ozo’s Mom.

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