What Tony's kit should look like not the underwhelming stuff we see now

Perk is ok it makes him a very good jungler and gives him the substain you need if you lane with him.
A is exactly what I expected and predicted
B is completely underwhelming. I expected it to be some sort of Wrist Rockets that have 2 charges and can slow enemies. It can be fired like Baron’s A but upon hitting the chosen location it will also knock enemies away from the blast.
C is ok-ish but it doesn’t have the wow factor. I want it to be some sort of mini MG turrets that can be deployed at anywhere which I want to also have 2 charges.
All of the B and C changes here are based on the lore. Tony in the lore specialises in demolition and Frankie taught him engineering so I would make sense that he has a kit like mine

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The whole point of his kit is to work with his taunt EXCEPT his A.
His passive gives him the ability to shrug off a few hits.
His taunt is his main form of CC, and can probably grab 2-3 people in a teamfight.
His ult is a follow-up, to knock the fools you taunted into your teammates (or away).

His A seems kind of ehh. I mean, yeah, I’m going to be going some stupid damage build to abuse it, but in all honesty, it doesn’t mesh well with his kit in my opinion. What would have been better is something like a Vanguard or a Rona Jump, so that his mobility isn’t tied to a gimmick, and so he can have a good impact on teamfights without his ult. Because let’s be honest here… If you use your A in a teamfight, and you jump into the enemy team, you’re getting your ass handed to you.

The only reason his A exists is so that he can duel in top lane. Which is kind of boring, but hey. If he didn’t have it, he would probably get destroyed by Gwen every game.

I like his kit, has some cool mechanic that can be used to take pressure off of allies, I like the utility in his kit that makes him a tank. Seeing what you would’ve wanted, it sort of seems like a second baron which to me wouldn’t have been that great. I prefer his taunt and uppercut, the taunt is a really cool aspect for me

@Chippunk ; @ThePinkOtter
Tbh, if you are making a hero lookwise this awesome with also awesome lore, the kit must be awesome and so far it seems to be pretty meh for me

And as you said for his A about the whole getting your ass kicked, that’s how my B and C come in to use. You poke with your B first before dashing in and when you dash in immediately place down the mini turrets to help you

Mini Turrets???

I think we’re thinking of different games.


I think his actual kit fits fine with the character, having a stun, slow plus a push from impact and then 2 small turrets seems much. Different perspectives, can always hope for another hero in the future that has the wow factor you want


Where are the details to Tony’s kit?

Just wanna have 'em in this game

That’s your opinion, his kit is perfectly fine to me, if not one of the finest.


It looks quite lackluster and doesn’t fit his model that much

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This hero has the highest crowd control kit in the game. His design is awesome and his B is like an inverse Baptiste Ult (Fear)

Can you stop complaining about everything? Most of your suggestions are complete misses.


His B can probably interrupt skills too. Can you imagine pissing adagio off so much he stops channeling verse of judgement? Or to pull in a carry who wants to kite you but now moves toward you and your team? That taunt can be as strong as an aoe afterburn.


Tbh he seems fine. Wish they would increase the range of his a tho.

How does it not fit his model? You know what would not fit his model? Carrying around the amount of material needed to buil 2 mini tanks and still being able to leap at enemies.


His ult is hilarious though…

You can probably chain attack a kiter like Ringo making it a triple gap closer on a single target making the effective range 3x the length of a single A.

Yeah dude ~!!! Let’s do SEMC job and show demz some awesome mini turrets, datz dope idea manz. Let’s get rid of the triple Cc combo and up his damage to live up to the name of Demolition Tony. ~!!!
Those turrets should be full size health turrets and with double normal turret range ~!!! All on a low 5 second CD A ability :wink:

Let’s litter the entire map with turrets ~!!!:star_struck:

Hmmmmm, tower defence anyone?


@LamDumbasspro you should invite this guy to your personal balance team he has great ideas!