What new items, or hero/meta changes would you like to see?

Title pretty much, curious to know the community’s current opinion on balance and meta game.
Personally I kinda want a idris buff, and new items. Particularly items that would specialize depending on if the hero was a ranged or melee character, mage or bruiser. I would also like a meta shift away from tanky junglers and CC.
I feel like having this discussion would allow rogue insight into what the community wants.

Giving back Silvernail his base damage would be nice. Journey boots rn are trash so maybe revert this too. As for items, a rework for shiversteel coz no one builds it and a new crowd control resistant defence item since more cc wins matches.

Items by itself can just shake the meta.

The one sad truth is that the idea of having a item expansion is probably gone since we’ve seen the shift in teams…

A moderate nerf to defensive abilities (Such as Ardan passive, Cath bubble, Grace/GJaw damage reduction) alongside an item rework that both brings defence items that stack off each other (so that building tanky isn’t completely worthless on bruisers) while also removing the defence items which can be slot into a four damage build. Give damage dealers a CP/WP reflex block so they aren’t completely squishy.

Also remove mortal wounds from items and rebalance the game around it.

Aftershock rework would be nice. Higher base damage, maybe instead of lifesteal, it gives barriar that scales? Idk

A lot of posts/threads for this, or a very similar question/topic, have been made on this forum already, imo. Some good ideas have been posted! I certainly don’t mean to burden our fine admins, or take them for granted, but I wonder if they (or a community member) could compile them into one thread in a resources section or something.

I don’t mean to rain on the parade of the OP. I’ve just seen this type ot post several times, it seems to be recurring, and I wonder when it comes up again in the future, if folks contributing would benefit from reading ideas others have posted in the not so distant past.

Yeah no problem, it was just that I am going to have a opportunity to talk to rogue and wanted to pass some ideas onto them

S’cuse me shiversteel as a 4th-6th item on Captain Yeets is decent. I usually buy the contract first up, right at the start of the game and then finish it towards the end, once I’ve got Fountain, War treads, Pulseweave, and depending on the situation Crucible and/or Superscout.

  1. Substantial buff to turrets both in damage AND tankiness. Turrets deal very little damage outside of level 1 really and they are INSANELY squishy. Heroes like Adagio and Grump that deal very high base damage don’t help either. I’d say increase the armor and shield as well as increase the health while increasing turret damage as well. It’s about time turrets become less useless.

  2. More utility energy items. Rn the choices between energy items are EXTREMELY slim and makes halcyon chargers way more powerful than it should be since for some heroes you will need chargers instead of treads like Lyra due to their high energy usage. Outside of that, more utility items geared towards captains would be very nice and some more unique effects on new defensive items would be cool

  3. Cath: Probably increase energy costs so she has to be more mindful of her ability usage. Rn her energy usage is rather high, but her scalability is reeeally high, so making her a bit weaker early on can help balance her out.

  4. Vox: Lower the A’s damage from 100% per AA proc to 80% or something. He is borderline balanced and I think a 20% nerf to his A can definitely help put him more in line considering how drastic the last buff to him was SO drastic

  5. Not gonna comment on Karas since he’s getting entirely redone

  6. Add 1 or two more map objectives (Like how league has scuttle) or add a new map mechanic similar to how League added the different plants in jungle (A very unique mechanic) to deepen the complexity of the game a bit (And maybe reward macro play a bit more so that ranked further rewards better macro which can in turn improve the playerbase significantly, especially at t10

  7. Viola: Reduce cp ratios a bit

This is what I have at the top of my head rn

Yeah stuff like this can REALLY reward better drafting. Poisoned shiv would have to be reworked tho, but it can do stuff like slightly reduce damage dealt by the target for a certain amount of time or something

I hope for a rework of ratios and item value contribution. Right now for most heroes shaterglass and brokem myth do more damge then shaterglass shaterglass to no defence hero. Most heroes have atrocius ratios, that i ask myself is it even worth go shaterglass instead utility like spellfire and frostburn.

Similar goes for sorrowblade and wp.

I’ve never seen anyone building Shiversteel in ranked 5v5, not even in any YouTubers’s vid and honestly why would anyone build it? Even for a captain, the item is just lacking. Sure it does slow the enemies every few secs but that’s it. Attack speed on captains is useless. You are skipping much better teamfight & objective-oriented items like sscam, crown and pulse. Also it’s much better to start match with banner as captain to secure/steal objectives, especially t10+ in my opinion.

Hmm. I always end up with both SS2000 and PW in my build, usually both before shiversteel, and I play quite a defensive lane cap in the early game so banner isn’t helpful, much better to get the slow to help an ally get first blood. I do see your point of getting crown late to help steal a dragon, but who needs it when you can do this:

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A new item huh?

Meteor Heart

  • increased energy regeneration when not in combat.
  • active: every 60 seconds, your next ability that damages enemy heroes drains a bit of their energy.
  • builds from void battery and chronograph, just like cw.
  • Total gold cost like 3000

Use this item when energy costs are significant and keeping strong in long battles.