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What is this blasphemy and madness (WP Grace Bot Lane)


This is way too easy.

I came back after a long break and picked up Ringo since I main him. Managed to reach PoA just in time last season. Ranking up this season seems harder, so I thought I pick up Grace despite her “nerfs”, and this happened. Screenshot is just the pinnacle of the games that I played her recently.


Lol she didn’t get a nerf, she got a buff this patch boi.


Oh, then I missed something lol


So you are German and in EU?

C h r c t r s



Sorry, I think I might be sick.

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She’s like the best top laner atm imo
I’ve also seen wp grace jungle, going TB first item and just smacking people with her A all over the map for like half their health.
Seriously, it’s disgusting to play against, and I hope it’s nerfed.


Also, it’s the fact that she’s not only super bursty, she also is pretty tanky from her perk and A…