What is the Future with Currency in the Community Edition?

I am having a problem with understanding how Vainglory will manage the in-game currency that it’s fellow player base spent real money on. For instance, I spent 100 US$ on this game not too long ago (>2 weeks ago), what will happen to all the currency I received? When will my skins return? Have all the skins lost their value (except LE skins)? Did my money go to waste? What’s the deal?

According to what SEMC has said on the Reddit AMA about it, the community edition won’t have any currencies and all the skins (save for LEs if you didn’t own them) are going to be free for everyone. Given that they haven’t said a word about any possible compensation for leftover ICE or anything, I would certainly recommend trying to get a refund for recent purchases seeing as they sadly seem to be wastes.

Checked back with Apple Inc. and I couldn’t get a refund due to unspecified reasons. Oh well… Spellfire better be good.