What Is The Best Way To Get Essence Now?

So I came back after 5 months to go check back in Vainglory when 5v5 came. And I’m liking it so far! But what annoys is me is that I lost all the cards I was setting up!

I was just about to get tier 3 Saw when you instead needed blueprints. I have the blueprints, but the essence is the problem. I have 2.3 k right now, so What Are The ‘Easiest’ Ways To Get Essence?

Quests and destroying other blueprints I guess, plus post match rewards maybe. No real way to get essence right now.

The higher sunlight lvl 40+ provide a chunk of essence every level.

Tbh quests rarely give essence, it’s mostly glory, rare talent coins, glory, and some more glory…
And I am yet to get any blueprints from a quest.
So yea, no real way to get essence right now…
Really sucks for new players and for those people who didn’t get ridiculous amounts of essence when they removed cards.
I got 5.6k, while the ones who got like 80k don’t even need essence ever again, just a blueprint, so they basically get skins from chests …

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I’m one of those 80k people but I’m never going to get a future skin blueprint hihihihihuhihihihuhihihuhuhuhihihuhi.

80k essence is gone in a flash. I spend 30k on 6 skins at 51 skins total.

Well my 600 essence and 20 skins say hi.