What is Happening to Me?

I’ve been slowly working to keep up with my daily quests. I was playing Blitz as Baptiste, and I died, but when I was waiting to re-spawn, I scrolled across the map to see where my team was located.

I chose a spot in the bushes and pinged the running man. By the time I had arrived, the enemy team was nearly dead, but were starting to re-group…I throw some vials and Fear the enemy straight into my teammates who finished them off.

We lost the match, but I found myself calculating and studying the map. “If I go here, their Skaarf could be waiting…”

After the match, I suddenly saw myself as part of a system. I am a member of a team. The next match, I chose Celeste, who is my favorite. When it got too thick, I used the yellow caution ping…and Krul came out of the jungle to my rescue!

“Maybe, I’m not a bad player, and maybe my teammates have lost because of my lack of proactive communication…”

The rest of the matches, I found myself using pings for their intended purpose, and my teams were highly reactive! You see all these complaints about toxicity, and ping spamming, but in what game aren’t there trolls?

“Okay,” I said. “You learned a lot in Blitz…lets check out 5v5.” I went into 5v5 with bots, and I did die, but I also explored the lanes, and the map. I understood the idea of being a good teammate, and that most players are happy to help…IF they know you need help!!!

It’s such a common concept that I didn’t fully grasp until today. Has anyone else had any similar experiences? Or simple, “Duh!” moments in the game?
As a new(ish) player to not only VG, but MoBAs as well, what are the simple things I can do to help my team?


don’t steal farm when you go into someone else’s lane when they are farming. uhhhhhh ignore people flaming you, its better for your team to have a 4.5v5 than a 3v5


VG was my first MOBA too! It took me at least two weeks to realize what the potions were, and another couple to learn how to use them :slight_smile:

As for some foundational tips… I think you realized the most important one! Your teammates are just normal people, trying their best, so cut them some slack. Leave the heat for the enemy. :muscle: Beyond that… don’t die, watch the mini-map religiously, and make “whoooosshh” sound effects when you use your teleport boots.


also, don’t throw like heepsterskaarf >:( can’t even beat pros during showmatches :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t steal farm in other lanes.
Teammates are people too!
And do the opposite of @HipsterSkaarf

Seeing yourself as part of a team, with a definite role to play, is a vital step in this sort of game! Some players never grasp that – the stereotypical lower tier, insta-lock Krul who then spends 2/3 of the match farming the jungle while his team loses the lane is an example of that sort of player.

I think another fundamental thing to learn is when to break off a fight – whether it’s a 1v1 or a team fight. Though all of us are guilty of chasing a kill and suddenly finding ourselves facing the entire enemy team instead, more skilled players will know when to abandon a chase or retreat from a fight before they or their team lose their lives. (That goes to the “don’t die” advice above.)

Remember, it’s a game of OBJECTIVES, not kills.

So glad you’re enjoying it!!!


@hazeleyes Yes! Sometimes I engage before my team is ready. I try to wait until a heartier teammate engages, or I just have a party by the turret. I call him “George.” He tells me to burn things. All kidding aside, going 1v3 is never a good idea…no matter how easy Lance makes it look, lol

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Omg, I’m going to call the turrets “George” now. My daughter started this thing of running around the turret in a circle while waiting for the team to regroup. I do it all the time now too. Lol

Yeah, another thing to learn is how to survive at low health – I’ve still not mastered that for most heroes. Lol.

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While laning I usually poke the enemy and get him to mid health while me being very very low, I would bait him into diving to kill me and ill pop a reflex + flask and get ez kills.


League of Legends was my very first MOBA and Vainglory was the second.

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This is legitimately some of the best advice you can get with this game (the same can be said about any game, but since we’re on VG). 100% don’t ever let yourself be emotionally affected by the people you’ll encounter and the attitudes you’ll come across in this game.


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Two weeks? ?? Good god doest the item self explain?? I mean it heals you…

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Old pots were kinda not mentioned in tutorials or build trees or anything. It was just a small thing in the utility section. I missed it my first week too.

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Apply some logic to draft, don’t lock in a hero because (it’s my fav) if it doesn’t play well with the comp you’ve got.

Learn rotations, remember that gold leads often win fights, so farm, and restrict the enemy from farming whenever you can. Blindly rotating around your own jungle when you could be stealing a minion or two is a major flaw in low tier game play.

Put some thought into what you might do to mitigate the inevitable low tier saw push (low tiers love saw); or the Taka ganker. Your lane will need help, appreciate this, and provide it. This leads onto power spikes; what I mean by this is when to abuse yours and when to be caustious of the enemies. For instance Koshka and Krul are early game monsters, abuse this by starving the enemy of jungle farm. When facing them be wary of this, be willing to concede farm, try to back door their farm etc. In short understand your team comp win condition, if you need to sit deep waiting on your hyper carry to come online, then do that.

Counter build. Be mindful of the enemy team comp, their abilities and there builds. For instance the enemy locks it’s Phinn it’s a good idea to buy a reflex block, you will get pulled. But it’s also a good idea to abuse Phinns speed, he is great for building stacks against as you can kite him.

If you learn to counter draft, and counter build early you’ll climb quickly, remember it’s not just what you do in game but also what your enemy is doing in game. If you counter their win conditions you’ll usually come out on top.

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Lol hey man, potions weren’t auto-bought when I started! The hurdle was knowing it was an item at all! :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to buy whatever I had money for and thought if you filled up your item slots you were doing better than the other players. I was probably as tough as an “easy” level bot haha

Ooh, that’s a really good one. Unless the whole team is chasing, and can pivot to another objective, it’s usually better to let the enemy go so you can concentrate on stealing farm, grabbing your own farm, or taking a turret.

Another good thing to learn is where your hero is most comfortable in a teamfight. Kind of “positioning and win conditions 101”… Skaarf, for instance, is most comfy in the back lines, poking with spitfires. I see a lot of people (me included) lose games because they (I) don’t keep good distance and get too close to the action, where they (I) get killed too easily. Keeping good distance sometimes feels counter-intuitive or out of your control, but it can be the difference between wins and losses. Sounds basic, but consciously thinking of it during fights (and during hero select when you’re making a cohesive team) is less obvious than it seems.


Its not really surviving on low health… when you’re outnumbered and you’re running for your life… instinct just takes over.

Throw everything you got at the enemy and pray it’s enough. I guarantee that the pro’s do the same. Don’t wait for that ability CD to hit zero… TAP that ability like a zillion times per second while it’s counting down from 2 seconds…

Do you know how many times I’ve been running from the enemy… praying and counting the CD seconds of my flask 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… on a slither of health… Tapping on the damn flask at a zillion times per second … just in time to survive…

Its all about the decisions you make using nothing but pure instinct… if you need to use that damn flask… use it… because chances are… you’re going to need it in another fight exactly 120 seconds from now.


What I mean by that is the knowledge of your hero’s ability to sustain (or withstand) damage in a fight, such that you can continue fighting without having to break it off and run for it.


I meant that too. That knowledge is not calculated. its just instinct from many hours of play.

WELL it could be calculated… but i highly doubt somebody does that…

breaking off and running sounds like you’re talking about a fight from full health not low health … In which case, yeah it would be helpful to know the hero’s ability to sustain…

I was thinking about all those times when SAW on a slither of health pulls off a triple kill even though everyone else is full health… or when Samuel pulls off a DD M&V combo against 3 … or when Krul pulls off a triple kill… etc…


Reim Rona an Kestrel have very specific survival and engaging mechanics too. Fight or flight.

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CP Vox. Learn to stutter step and know how/when/where to dash/ult. 1v3 is arguably the funnest challenge in the game. Just a couple games ago I 1v3 a Reim, Petal, Lyra. So much fun - melted Petal through Lyra, stutter stepped out of Reims A while kiting and ended up using Lyras own portal to position my ult.

Bear in mind that this is only after you realize this is a team game. Too many people want to go straight to being able to do it (well… CP Taka you may learn to 1v3 sooner) but the difference in people who can and people who want to is that people who can know when they can’t.

Now, not to take away from your realization - too few people know this is a team-based objective-focused game. Just know that as you get better, funner opportunities do arise.