What hero should I buy

I just got enough glory to buy a new hero but I’m not sure who to buy, right now I only need new heroes for 5v5 ranked so who should I get.

Depends on what role you like or want to play like a jungler or captain. It also depends on if you want meta heroes or fun ones.

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Churnwalker or Lorelai. My 2-trick rn

Adagio, Catherine for top and support both.

Support - lyra, adagio
Carry - samuel, gwen, skarf, varya.
Reza and idris both fun and good in ranked. Blackfeather is difficult and little boring to me.
Malene, skye, lorelai are also great choices and fun heroes although challenging. So can be incosistent for me.
Look at their kits, choose which you like the most and try to give yourself more answers in draft.

Tell us who you have and then we can tell you who to get. No point is saying one you got!!

  1. I like to play fun heroes but I really need more meta heroes.
  2. My favorite role is jungle.
  3. I need more crystal heroes.

Well Fortress is the best CP jungler rn.

malene is one of my favourites and i too am a jungle main get her 10/10

I’d suggest Reza but he’s recently come under the radar for how brutally OP he can be and is banned or picked often. A sleeper hit is petal. She can be extremely effective if you take advantage of aftershock and dragon eye, and make her a bit tanky.

This works because you’re rarely going to get rapid kills as petal: she’s a chip 'em down hero, but she has to constantly have all munions up, so you’re going to be spamming A, and her A is low cooldown, so you proc aftershock constantly, and you need your basics to keep targetted on the enemy, so you’re going to be constantly basic attacking anyway. The dragoneye is useful because your minions are going to die anyway but every second you attack a hero, the new munions you spawn will be stronger as the battle goes on, lulling enemies into a false sense of security while also improving your heals for when you really need them. This is going to take a lot of energy, so I suggest having halycon chargers and an eve of harvest to round out your energy consumption and boost your sustain. Slap the new slumbering husk on her and you can do a lot of work as petal in lane or jungle. If you get good with petal you can’t really go wrong with her.

But yeah, my real suggestion is get Reza.

do you have Baptiste???

Just got the dAv11d skin so I think I’m going to buy Reza.