What happened to OP talent review?

Ardan’s epic talent is ridiculous. I just had a match against an Ardan with a level 7 epic talent. Besides the obvious p2w level of the thing, it did 245% damage. It’s supposed to be offset by the cooldown, but that was only 132%. It was up every 5 seconds or so, and he could actually oneshot any of us (Ringo, me Joule, Lyra). One of the times he hit me, it was 1050+ damage, and then the Phinn (who was building crystal btw) killed me in one basic attack. I had an aegis, too, and was level 12.

Did this talent get buffed, or has it always been this awful?

The Ardan was building Serpent Mask, Tornado Trigger, Chargers, Spellsword, Clockwork, and Aegis. Couldn’t even get close to the dude, it was awful. Nerf it, for the love of god. How is this going unchecked?

stg if I get moved to saltmine


It’s a p2w mode they’re not trying to balance it. It will always be OP among others.

They could at least try. I like giving the benefit of the doubt to SEMC with this when 5v5 just came out and they’re still ironing everything out, but it’s still hard to believe that these things are just flying under the radar completely unchecked. I think everyone at SEMC doesn’t want brawl to be inherently p2w, since I did hear about balancing with this stuff, so I just want to know what happened to it. I mean I know it’s a small team, so the people must just all be busy in 5v5.

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Want to hear a joke?

next patch (3.1) Blood for Blood will be buffed a lot making the talent much much stronger

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1050 isn’t that much actually he could hit easily hit you for 1800 if he builds enough crit.

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I’m sure it was higher, that’s just one time out of maybe 12 times he got me throughout the match.

From what I’ve seen on this patch, they’ve been putting all of their effort on 5v5. There’s a lot of work to do on that mode. Maybe they’ll review some stuff in brawl when 5v5 gets more stable.

That’s the thing with Vainglory though. If they buff a character for 5v5, it can affect 3v3 and brawl in a crazy way. It must not be an easy task to do these small modifications.

This. Idris win rates in all brawls is insane right now from the 2.12 buff he got. Ardan became more insane with the range buff he got on Blood for Blood which I believe was 2.12.

I think a part of the problem with blitz is the blind pick matchups. If you knew you were getting that Ardan you could probably counter pick it pretty easily.

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When is Ardan not picked???

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maybe 1/12 times.

if you’re lucky…

Or about 5.5/10 times he isn’t picked. 44% pick rate. He’s 5th in win rate with a whopping win rate of 52.7%

In brawl? That rate is not brawl but overall in blitz he is very popular…

That’s his winrate/pick rate in Blitz for 3.0 with 167,000 matches of data.

Still 44% is very high if you consider there are 37 heroes and there will be 3-6 picked…

Yes, it’s high, yes it’s the highest of any hero, but it’s not 11/12 games.

10/20 games yesterday had Ardan.

Most if not all had epic talent.

So yeah, not 11/12, but still WAY higher than what should be normal.

In order to do the good damage with the Talent, he’s got to build glass cannon… and glass cannon heroes are incredibly easy to deal with.

Not to mention the fact he is predictable as hell. He can delete so many heroes, yes, but there are so many heroes that can quite easily avoid his deletion and then do the same back to him.

nope… I put his build in the op, and he was still deleting in one hit. He was tanky as hell, none of us could get close enough to him with Varya attacking from behind, and Phinn protecting her… We couldn’t touch any of them.

Care to explain more? Because you’re making me laugh.

Kaiten, Bulwark, Shimmerstrike, Netherform Detonator, Storm guard, Merciless Persuit, Hangry, Core Collapse, Front Plating, Afterburn, the list goes on.

If you are still getting demolished by this easy mode ability then you seriously need to consider gitting gud.