What character from VG lore would you like to see most?

Simple, as the title suggests, Who do you wanna see ingame as a new hero?
I’d have made this multiple choice but I know y’all’d probs click on all of them I wanna see who’s most popular

  • Chester (or any of Joule’s gang)
  • Louisa (y’know, the Storm Queen)
  • Valeria (at least I think that’s her name. The woman from Reza lore)
  • Frankie (this dude is way overdue)
  • Rana and Ayah (SEMC plz)
  • Pavel (Ringo’s buddy)
  • Dr. Johann von Haydes (with or without the hat)
  • Other (specify in replies, couldn’t think of any more)

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Kids today don’t know how we wanted Julia to come to the Fold as a ghost hero so bad back in 2015 :frowning:


Ozo’s parents plz, his dad in specific. I wanna see that instakilling fart and we need more monkeys. Yes I know he was probably lying about his parents bc he was preforming but shh


I did think, of Julia, but I thought best leave the dead dead. tbh I didn’t really want to put Louisa in but I’m pretty sure a lot of people wanted her. I also almost put Corpus in.

also I’ve been playin since 2015

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No Items lv1 Ozo’s dad v Lv12 full defence Phinn: OHKO fart.

Definetly not unbalanced

Amie! she was the mage with the phoenix who presumably died after alpha’s attack. the phoenix screech was heard again at the end of grumpjaw’s lore (when frankie goes back in time to “tend to a matter upstairs” (alpha). she was able to make magical strings too, so not just fire magic!! really sounds cool


As with Julia, I did think of her but didn’t add her because she died… altho I forgot Frankie goes back in time, so that could change…

Remember when ringo partner said that he could grab one of his bullet with his mouth while he was drunk? What if SEMC releases him and one of his skills can absorb skill shots…? :thinking:

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I want kinetic please

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Valeria naisu toO


but frankie has nothing to do with that event, and julia asked to be killed. if julia doesnt die, ardan, celeste, and vox would have weaker powers (if any, ardan probs wont have any majykz)

he got stabbed in the heart tho.

Another storm queen test subject brought back from dead?

idk which char you’re talking about, but:
for julia, she was “brought back” in the stormlord ardan lore iirc, just preserved and could talk. das it.
for pae, it seems like the taizen gate and the taizen bosses have a bad rep. “Taizen Gate bosses are notorious for being full of crap." - Ivet, a ded stormguard
and i doubt frankie would make any more of those. he already saw what alpha did (and went to jail for it) so why make another one?

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still we need sum pae

pae is worth more than 30 words i do not understand

frankie is a confirmed npc by sugarvenom herself. amie was not confirmed dead so i am looking forward to her. tose two robo snake ladies are also nice. but most of all i am looking forward to more bleekos. in flickes lore he talks about designing huge beetle war mounts with fairy cannons attatched to their back. and the war betwqeen bleekos and meekos has been mentioned but not actually described.


I wholeheartedly agree.
Amie could be the most visually spectacular hero in the fold and dethrone Celeste the starlight queen with the undying beauty of the Phoenix.

Lore wise this would be the most interesting, however it has to be a bleekos. The world cannot handle another Patel…

If there ever was a second meekos it had to be someone who hates patels guts more than any bleekos…

Oh no I meant Amie not Julia when I said that could change

No idea who half of these are lmao. The only side character I ever knew the name of was Titus (who I said would be a hero, I called it) and he ended up being a hero.

I assume Rana and Ayah are the snake ladies in Idris lore, but who is Dr. Johann von Haydes? (also wasn’t SAW Pavel?)

Skin lore, doesn’t count.

it counts because it’s not alternate fates, it was a continuation of kensei’s lore