What are the secret references behind the heroes' quotes?

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After seeing my video called The secret references behind Vainglory charms! , u/doer_SEMC (a Vainglory developper) said:

Chicken dance FTW. There are also, at this point, dozens of VO references to figure out. There are usually several in each character’s script.

…Is he challenging us? Well, let’s find as many references as we can then! Each time someone find one that sounds right, I’ll add it to the list below. If possible, please add a link to the reference. For example, if it’s a song, give us a Youtube link. #1 in the list is a confirmed example. I’ll also give credit here, in an upcoming forum post and in and upcoming video, to anyone who find a reference. You deserve it! Now, let’s go! You can find lots of the quotes from the game here but the thread is outdated and a lot are missing. (I’m working on it, your help is welcome)

Alpha: You are not L33T N00B -> (Kind of an internet insult meme)[http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=leet] (found by Vincitore)

Alpha: Why is everything blue? -> (Blue screen of death)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Screen_of_Death] (found by Vincitore)

Alpha: Installing 53, 45, 4D, 43. -> It means SEMC in hexacode (Found by u/Reddit1rules)

Alpha: 68 65 6C 70 -> It means HELP in hexacode (Found by u/Hexagon_Angel

Ardan: Get off my lawn! -> Gran Torino (found by u/iLoveKiSwan)

Ardan: Is my liquid cooler busted again?, Overclocking wasn’t the best idea. and other references to PC. (Found by u/HalfASandwiche)

Ardan: I’ve a very particular set of skills -> Taken (Found by u/nothin_fancy)

Baron: Niceuh! -> (Every korean gamer/caster ever) (found by Vincitore)

Baron: Well, I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling. -> A song by The Righteous Brothers (found by Vincitore)

Blackfeather: I spend my cash on looking flash. & Stand and deliver! -> [Adam Ant - Stand and Deliver] (found by Vincitore)

Celeste: Don’t make me whip my hair back and forth! -> Willow Smith - Whip My Hair (found by u/Twiggled)

Celeste: Yes it did hurt when I fell -> Implying you tried the oldest, shittiest pickup line on her

Grace: I know I’m amazing, there’s a song about it! -> Chelsea Robinson - Amazing Grace (Found by Skieblu)

Gwen: I’m your huckleberry. -> Doc Holliday in Tombstone (found by Vincitore)

Gwen: I should buy a boat. -> Sophisticated Cat meme (found by Vincitore)

Lance: Roll out!* -> Transformers (Found by Skieblu)

Lance: Let us not go there, tis a silly place -> Monty Python (Found by u/well_idontknow)

Lyra: There’s cake on the other side! -> Portal (Found by Skieblu)

Krul: 'Tis but a flesh wound -> Monty Python (Found by u/Syrusth)

Ozo: I like it! Let’s put a ring on it! -> Beyoncé - Single Ladies (found by Erubiel Romo)

Ozo: No more monkeys jumping on the bed… -> Five little monkeys jumping on the bed

Ozo: Barrels are so 1981… -> Donkey Kong

Phinn: Have you met Phinn? -> How I met your mother (Found by u/Hecatei)

Samuel: Now I have seen the end of war* -> Plato (found by Vincitore)

Samuel: Some guys just like to watch the world burn. -> Alfred in Batman: The Dark Knight

Samuel: Chaos killed the dragons love. -> Heathers (found by Vincitore)

Samuel: Embrace your anger -> Palpatine (Found by TopKekSkye)

Vox: Turn it up to eleven! -> Spinal Tap