What are some good android games?

i’ll be getting a note 5 (basically passed down to me because my phone broke), and besides Vainglory (5v5), The MOBA Perfected for Touch™, i wanna play some other games. i plan to get skullgirls, but das it rn.

i’m open to any genre rly, strategy n horror r my faves though, thanks for any suggestions

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kingdom rush, scribblenaut remix

Get Distraint. You won’t regret it.

Eternium uhh cridikal ops uhh idk

If you want a tl;dr verson, go down the the very bottom of my post. Otherwise, you can read this mess of an essay.
Since you listed strategy as your preferred choice, I’d recommend Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao, which’ll be known as TLCC from now on. TLCC is a turn-based strategy game based on one of China’s most famous historical novels, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. However, you really don’t need to have encyclopedic knowledge of the novel nor Chinese history in general, as the game gives brief information of every character it has. The game’s beginning tutorial gives you the basics of the game, and as you level up, sometimes there will be more advanced tutorials you’ll go through. The game’s tutorials give a much better explanation of the game’s mechanics, so I’ll give you a summary of them. There are a few types of currencies that are used in this game, which are Silver Coins, Rations, Gold Coins, Imperial Seals, and Fame. Silver is one of the two currencies that are the bread and butter of this game, the other being rations, while Imperial Seals are a currency you get by completing battles. Fame is another type of currency that you obtain by winning battles, but since I never use them, I consider it to be a useless currency. There are three main types of troops: cavalry, infantry, and ranged units. Cavalry generally have high mobility and attack, but poor defense, while infantry generally have average defense, attack, and mobility, and ranged units have average mobility, poor defense, but great attack, unless if either cavalry or infantry are right next to your ranged units, which in that case, you’d better put some distance away. The exception to this is mounted bowmen, which are ranged units that’re considered cavalry. Another ranged unit I should give notice to are catapults, as from what I know, they are the only unit with poor mobility along with their poor defenses, but they have the best range and attack out of all ranged units. How you unlock characters is not by stupid lootboxes that most asian-developed games are somewhat infamous for, but by banners. Banners are kind of like tech trees, in that you “research” characters before you buy them. Banners are unlocked by either conquering a certain province or by using gold coins. When you unlock a banner, you can either use Imperial Seals or Gold Coins. If you decide to unlock characters via Imperial Seals, then you also have to buy them with Silver Coins. There’s much more to explain than this, but I explained what I think are the most vital aspects of the game.

tl;dr, I’d recommend TLCC to you.

Pubgm for the battle royale genre.

I’m just going to throw in something odd: Star Nomad 2

To start with, this is a bit on the expensive side, as far as App purchases go. But supporting indie Devs feels good, and this is so much better than being nickle’n’dimed in most “free” to play (but definitely not free to enjoy) games.

And then there’s the UI. It’s terrible on Android. Not quite that bad, if you have a larger screen, but it’s definitely horrid enough that I got a refund twice, because I considered it unplayable.
A little bit more development there, the option to customize and adjust the layout and so forth, would have gone a long way.

But underneath all that is a gem of an RPG. Full of obscure (and some rather obvious) references to all things Sci-Fi, some great humour and small twists you didn’t see coming.
You can tell it was made on a budget, but it has a spirit which many of the more fleshed out and polished productions are lacking.

My recommendation would be: Give it a try, and get a refund if you can’t look past the weak spots. (And then buy it again, months later, because deep down inside you always wanted to be a space pirate - and this may just be an acceptable substitute. :alien: :skull_and_crossbones: )

Do you have a moment to talk about the MOBA perfected for touch?


Uh I used to play Kingdom Rush (lmao) so test it out maybe.

Pokemon GO


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If you’re still looking for games here :

  • Sonny
  • Avabel Online
  • InstLife
  • This War of Mine
  • Bullet Force (FPS)
  • The Sandbox/ Revolution
  • Galaxy on Fire 2/3
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Slenderman: the 8 pages.
Fieldrunner 2

uuuuhe battleplans is very strategy i ahven’t played it in a while though owo

Something something, Arena of Valor? Bang Bang? Right?

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how do either of those sound even remotely like paladin’s strike?

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this war of mine has a mobile port?? god if only i had monry to buy it. i really liked the original sonny, i dont think the re-imagined mobile was that good compared to it

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Of course not, you wouldn’t waste your phone storage downloading games that don’t even run on the E.V.I.L™ engine.


highly addictive time waster - Atomas
Puzzle game that i highly recommend - Transmission

Animal crossing, tho dunno if you’d actually like it
Death road to Canada but it’s like $20
Iron marines, is also a paid game
These 2 are free, Dungeon survivor II and
Sdorica sunset