Weirdest bug

So I was playing solo 5v5 ranked match as Reim, in the mid game my game literally froze for like 5 sec then I got kicked out from that game. I tried to refresh the game but couldnt reenter the match. I checked vgpro and there was no sign of the match. My elo is still the same, my karma still the same so that doesnt count as afk.
It happened to me like a week ago. I wonder if 9 people was having the same issue since I played with all strangers.


i was about to feel bad for you but then i saw your username


TLDR: Probably a Fatal Error.
When did this happen? Day? Time? Could you do a new game? This sounds like two things to me, with one of them being more common.

The first issue would be that the server that was to host your game simply crashed or went down. This is very unlikely though, as the traffic levels couldn’t bring the server down so I’d say it’s event number 2.

The second issue is that a fatal exception occurred. Possibly an overflow somehow with damage or some misalignment in the timers. Catastrophic bugs do occur in Java.


This has happened to me too. Getting kicked out and then i dont get into the game and when i check vgminer/vgpro its not there but i was partying and so i have a confirmation that we played the game.

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Something similar happened to me when i first joined… wayyy back in 3v3…

mid game, about 5 minutes in… it just went back to the main menu… no crash… no freeze…

the screen simply and purely transitioned from the game… to the main menu… flawlessly… it wasn’t a surrender… it wasn’t a bot match… it was ranked…

weird huh. there was no trace of the game existing at all. I even had the option to start a new match. didn’t need to restart anything.

His play experience is just as valuable, if not more due to playing multiple MOBAs. Why name change? If someone said there should be no kids here, should we change your name?


Lol chill bro, I was just messing around when thinking of a username.
In fact I’m playing MLBB, AoV and VG. Theyre all beautiful games, just different playstyles

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The name would fall into the same reason they don’t want ads on here

yeah, I assume that he only want to adv that game. Im an ex-player of MLBB and AoV, and some others mobile moba, I know well about the weakness and strength of each game, thats why I always give recommendation and suggestion for SEMC based on my experience in other moba games. My IGN in VG is as same as my nickname of this forum.

For me, its better being a Kid than being a traitor or hypocrite :slight_smile:
P.S why you not tell the dev of Moonton to stop reworking infamous heroes, adding stat in the skins, and introducing new OP heroes every 2 weeks haha #realmobagamesnotP2W


I always act my shoe size never my age otherwise I would have no fun ever

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