Weird New Bug?

So I was playing an ARAL not too long ago and somehow I got a death added to my score…when I never died. Ended the game at 2/1/3 even though I was literally pinging my team to retreat by the end of the match because I needed to die.

Wth is going on, are even the scores buggy now?

Did you happen to die after the match ended but before the after-match screen came up? Because that’s a bug that’s more than 2 years old, if so.

Lol no I never died at all. It was weird. I think we ended up surrendering after my two teamates died but I’m almost positive I didn’t die the whole match. The only thing I could think was maybe they got me right before the match over screen like you said, because the enemy was chasing me around and couldn’t catch me but I don’t remember dying at all. I don’t even think there were any enemies near me at the end of the match. It was really, really weird.

I guess it’s possible you died off-screen – but who knows? :gwenrainbowbarf: lol

I guess lol. I jumped right out of the game and came here to post because it was so wtf. Only other thing I could think was somehow lag was involved in the mix and someone killed me on their screen even though the match was already over on my screen.

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